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Reviews Written by jwinkler71

June 5, 2014
One of the worst fountain...
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One of the worst fountain pens I've ever used. I've purchased chinese pens on Ebay for $3 that are better writers. Cheap, light plastic body with a nib that feels like you're writing with a railroad spike. Do not waste your money on this... Jetpens has so many better options in this price range.

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November 25, 2013
I'm a huge fan of my...
Verified Purchase
I'm a huge fan of my Sailor Clear Candy and wanted to try this Sailor which is at the same price point. It arrived without cartridge or converter, so you may need to purchase one or both along with this pen.

It's a slim pen, thinner than most of mine small collection. I like the silver and red together, but ultimately this pen just doesn't look like it is worth the price. The red shaft in particular looks very plasticy and cheap. The feed and nib are attractive however.

As for the nib, Sailor makes some great ones and this pen doesn't disappoint. Despite the thin line (equivalent to a Euro EF nib) it's smooth and fun to write with. I loaded it with a converter filled with Diamine Red Dragon and it lays down a nice even flow.

However the Clear Candy provides just as good of a nib is thicker and more comfortable to hold. You would certainly be use this in more situations, however, as the HighAce Neo has a more conservative appeal than the fun and light-hearted Clear Candy.

So unless you really hate the looks of the Clear Candy, I would go with a different choice than the HighAce Neo.

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November 15, 2013
New to fountain pens,...
Verified Purchase
New to fountain pens, this is my fourth pen and I absolutely love it. To me, this is a much superior nib to the Lamy EF. It's a bit thinner and is not scratchy like so many Lamy nibs (especially in the EF). I initially used the supplied ink cartridge which was a nice black ink. I then just washed out the cartridge and syringe refilled with Diamine Ancient Copper. This works very well also.

At this price, this is a very good alternative to the Pilot Metro in terms of price to quality ratio. It lays a much thinner like than the Metro (though not quite as buttery smooth) which appeals to me.