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Reviews Written by hoshiryu

March 13, 2014
This is my go to pencil,...
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This is my go to pencil, I like how it's wider then an average mechanical pencil. If you use a wacom tablet pen with a big grip, it reminds me of that, which is nice. It's a really pretty blue, and the shake mechanism is fun, even though I don't use it a lot.

June 14, 2013
I really like this pencil,...
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I really like this pencil, it's a bit wider then average. I use a wacom stylus a lot, and compare it to that width. I wasn't sure if I'd use the shake feature, but it's nice when you don't want to move your hand and need more lead. I put blue lead into this pencil, and hope to get the pink dot one to put pink lead in that one as well. Very cute and the perfect blue.

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June 14, 2013
At first I didn't like...
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At first I didn't like this pen, because I couldn't control it in my smaller notebook. Using it in my larger sketchbook though yielded better results. I enjoy using it while doing sketches of birds and animals, where working quickly with strokes is key. It's really nice to get sketches down, and fill in blocks of areas quickly. Adds nice character a normal marker can't do. I hope to find a brush similar with waterproof ink. Overall a great sketching marker for drawing, and will probably buy again.