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Reviews Written by hulajohnjv

May 29, 2009
i LOVE this pen it works...
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i LOVE this pen
it works so well
perhaps the people below are complaining because u hav to lightly press the pen when you use it
but that is obviously to be expexted for any white out pen

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May 29, 2009
this by far is well worth...
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this by far is well worth $9
however, its cousin, has more of a heavy, and metal
expensive feel to it
whichever you like best =)

May 29, 2009
at first sight i thought...
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at first sight i thought this pencil would have the metal more expensive feeling to it
but in fact, its quite light, and very different from its pen cousin.
the plastic point at the end also makes it seem like more of a cheap pencil
its ok

May 29, 2009
this highlighter is incredible...
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this highlighter is incredible
can be used to undr line a word, or make a box around it, etc.
however, this color 'glows' in its own certain way
but is very light compared to the orange
if you r more in to the dark, or glow it depends

May 29, 2009
with such a fine point...
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with such a fine point (compared to most pens)
this writes incredibly smoothlly
i highly suggest to anyone who likes things small, but very 'advanced'
in how it looks

May 21, 2009
i really like this pencil of...
Verified Purchase
i really like this pencil
of course it doesn't 'wow' you like a $9 pencil would, but at $3 this fulfills my needs
if you care for the color, it isn't as bright as it seems
its a pastel green rather than a brigh highliter one