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This case fits well in...
November 27, 2008
Verified Purchase
This case fits well in the top of my backpack as I go throughout the day. It handles two Zebra M-301s, 2 Sliccis, 2 Jetstream Sports, 3 Triplus Fineliners, and an eraser with ease. Compact and perfect for what I need.
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This eraser outperforms...
October 12, 2008
Verified Purchase
This eraser outperforms all the others. As some reviewers have mentioned, it does wear down somewhat quickly, but the performance is worthwhile. I regularly use a Pilot Foam for multiple choice test taking, and it will erase a bubble sheet with no damage to the paper and no graphite left behind. The eraser dust clumps together as advertised, allowing for a clean and tidy work area. Definitely a must have!
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As a left-handed student...
August 21, 2008
Verified Purchase
As a left-handed student who takes copious quantities of written notes during hours of lectures, I give this pen the highest recommendation. I recently switched to the Jetstream Sport after my Zebra F-301 Ultras ran out of ink, and now believe I should have made the switch earlier. This is the smoothest-writing ballpoint I have ever used, and the ink dries incredibly fast (a must for any left handers with a tendency to smudge). And on top of it all, this pen is aesthetically unlike any domestic brand.
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