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Mother of multipen-cil....
May 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
Mother of multipen-cil. This multi is so well designed, it incorporated everything you would want. One thing no body figured out was the rubber on the eraser screw cap is there to flip pages. Try it, you'd be amazed. Flipping through notes is a breeze, flip it around, twist to red pen and mark it up, flip it back over and keep going.
I cant seem to notice...
October 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
I cant seem to notice the difference between this 2b and the original Ain b. But I must say, this is just as smooth if not a hint smoother as the regular Ain.

I dont like the new container as much as the old one, although it looks better. I feel like I will snap the refills accidentally.

Good lead, buttery smooth, and definitely as break resistant if not a little more break resistant than the regular Ain.
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i gave my kuru toga original...
October 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
i gave my kuru toga original to a friend of mine, and had to find a replacement. I was not happy with the grip from the original pencil and felt that i needed something that felt more solid.

the metal version was considered, however for 15 dollars, i read that "you can do better" from other's review.

I got this since i heard amazing things about the rubber grip... and I agree. This is the ultimate kuru toga pencil. I still cant write with the mushy tip feeling, but the mechanism DEFINITELY WORKS.

i can get my .5 to be as sharp as my .3 if i dont rotate my .3 manually.

If only they made this in .3. :)
most of this pencil is...
October 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
most of this pencil is great, except the rubber grip.

I cant seem to get over the fact that its not snuggly fitted around the pencil itself causing unwanted "loose grip" feeling from a old rubber grip pencil. i understand the idea is to maximize air between the rubber and the pencil, but this grip looseness is not my cup of tea.

good thing? can keep this pencil in my pocket with no worries when in a rush, lead is tight at the tip.

compared to the zebra color flight (i got both pencil in white) i think the zebra is a overall better pencil... except the sleeve isnt as good as top tier pencils?
Just got this pencil,...
October 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
Just got this pencil, overall its a good pencil, however the sleeve was not what i expected it to be.

the lead is held still via a rubber/plastic? grommet inside the metal tip. I expected a more "snug" fit of the lead in the actual sleeve.

this play can cause squeaking if the pencil is held very close to perpendicular to the paper when writing, on the bright side, if you do not advance the lead too far, you wont get lead breakage. (I learned to write softer using fountain pens now)

the build quality was okay, nothing to rave about, something that works overall.

I'd give this pencil 5 stars if the sleeve was more snug. the quest for the perfect fit sleeve for a .3 remains.. (hopefully without spending a fortune to find it...)

compared to the pilot air blanc...

the air blanc is more "fitted" at its "sleeve" well the tip... the lead does not move around much, and fits nicely. however because its not a sleeve type, i do get some breakage when used at a more extreme angle. and the rubber grip.. eh (it seems to become loose rather quickly, and now is like a old rubber grip), relative to this pencil, its a draw. since this grip isnt uber comfy either.

I would take this pencil over the air blanc, but this isnt pocket safe for those who cares. .3 sleeve is quite sharp to put in your pocket.
I dont know about 30+...
September 16, 2010
Verified Purchase
I dont know about 30+ pens unless they are all the size of hitec c pens or bic pens (the plastic ones) or just hold 30+ pens and no accessories, but it can hold 12 lead pencil, and 12 refill boxes, 1 new pack post it, 2 erasers, a bunch of rulers triangles and a small protractor in the plastic pouch in the middle, post it book marks, then outer pouch can maybe hold 2 more pen or pencil before i feel it may be uncomfortably tight... its my utility pencil bag, i keep my set of pilot eno color pencils in it (8) and a uniball red, and my less pricy pencils all my refills and whatever else i listed. my more expensive stuff goes in my ple ple, or stays home. sometimes i just feel like its not the greatest idea to hold around a rotring 800 in school...

I somewhat expected this case to but larger, but i guess it can get the job done. i wasnt particularly fond of all the side pouches being mesh, which means they have a tendency to catch on to the post it corners and make it look messy or abused... and that the gap under the center pouch.. pencils rolls under it.. and then u have fun searching....

for what it is its a 4.7, but ill drop it 5 stars cos i like the colors and uhm.. i cant do 4.7 haha
Does as advertised, got...
September 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
Does as advertised, got to get use to not twitching and rotating the pencil every word.

the build quality could be better though, the clear grip part can shift around the metal LOOKING piece of plastic tip. The little shifting edge irks me, but i hold my pencil higher now...

Other than that.. very innovative product, my handwriting actually gotten worse with this specific pencil though, I cant explain why.

oh and the paint... chips off fast. soo try not to put it near anything remotely sharp...
a little mushy to write...
September 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
a little mushy to write with, because the internals are plastic and soft, if u write with enough pressure it feels like the tip retracts just a bit when you press down. actually it does.

If it wasn't so comfortable, this pencil will NOT get pass 3 starts, but its the most comfy pencil i've ever used. And you just WANT to write with it. seriously.

I still think its over priced for what you are getting though.
2mm lead holders cannot...
September 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
2mm lead holders cannot possibly get better than this... seriously.

good weight, well balanced, no more lead dropping. what more do you want?!

oh did i mention ALL metal build? its about as good as it gets.
holds 12 pen/pencils...
September 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
holds 12 pen/pencils easily, looks neat when you pull it out. lays down nice on the table when you need to constantly change pen/pencil.

my metal tabs came off.. oh well, threw them out. I ended up tying a knot at the end of the strings.

Nothing much to say about it, its a nice case, especially for your "personal favorite" collection.
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