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I love the clean look...
August 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
I love the clean look of these pencils :)
I like the grip because it keeps the pencil from slipping and isn't bulky.

I can't really judge the quality of the lead that comes with it...I've been using it and it works just as well as any other lead I've used. I'm happy ^^ (I also use Ain high-polymer HB lead... )

I'd recommend getting a stick eraser to go with these, since, for me, it'd be inconvenient to pull off the eraser cap any time I want to erase ( not the easiest cap to pull out either - but this is a good thing because it's not going to come out and get lost ) And I also don't want to deal with replacing the small erasers ( or keeping track of them ) It did come with 4 extra erasers though, so I'll end up using them eventually so they don't go to waste :D

I bought a Uni-ball E-Knock Eraser - Black Body
and a Tombow Mono Knock 3.8 Eraser - Blue Body
to go with these pencils~
I'm kind of disappointed...
August 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
I'm kind of disappointed with these because I can't use them for what I really wanted them for, and I bought 2 :\

The white that comes out is a thick white, but the width of the line that the pen makes is too thick for the kind of detailing I wanted to do.
Also, there is a peak/ball wherever you lift up the pen. For the most part it settles down. It's not a huge deal, especially if you're just using them for writing, but you see the little dot at the end of a line... I'm a little picky because I'm using them for artwork.

It just depends how picky you are if this would matter to you or not ^_^;

If I had bought these in a retail store, I probably would end up returning at least one of them to get something else, since I think it will take awhile to use up just one for what else I can find to use them for on artwork.
I wanted them for a fast and more convenient way of making line details, but they can at least be used for a quicker way of doing dot detailing ( quicker than my dip pen and white ink )

So, that is just my opinion based on what I was looking to use them for.
It's not a very expensive item, so if you're looking for a nice thick white ink, I'd recommend trying one ( but only if you're already buying over $25.00 worth of items to get the free shipping :)
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