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This is one of the best...
June 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is one of the best mechanical pencils I have ever purchased and I highly recommend it!

The pencil has many positives. The first being the rotating mechanism works flawlessly consistently providing a nice sharp tip albeit it takes a bit of getting used to as I'm accustomed to rotating pencils in my hand to keep the tip sharp so it might take you a while to get used to relearn how to held your pencil as you write. The second positive is the build of the pencil. I lost my first one because somebody stole it so I went to the local supply store and bought a regular kuru toga (the plastic one). The plastic one feels cheap and not nearly as well constructed so it is definitely worth the extra money for the metal version. Lastly the pencil has a nice balenced weight in your hand and doesn't feel too bulky, which is why I won't deduct points for the upper half being made of plastic because that might make it bulkier and not feel so perfect in your hands

The only negative that I can thing of is the gunmetal versions grip. The grip is made of metal and being an engineer I'm used to holding a metal grip in my pencils instead of rubber. But the kuru toga grip is a bit more gritty if that makes any sense(akin to a nair file...sorta) so you will rub of some skin using it. This isn't a functional problem and is a lot less bad than I make it sound because you can certainly use this for extended periods of time in comfort. The biggest issue with this is in the gunmetal version you will get white streaks of skin cells in the grip section so my biggest problem is that it lowers the aesthetic beauty and you gotta keep cleaning it thats why I recommend the white version so this isn't a problem. The last negative is that the tip doesn't retract meaning you can't have you pencil in your pocket for immediate use.
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