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Reviews Written by Kadejahhooks

March 17, 2014
This pencil maybe small...
Verified Purchase
This pencil maybe small but it makes a huge impact on whatever it is you are doing with this tool. When I was searching for new pencils I stumbled across this, something told me to get it because it was a 0.3mm and it was pink. At first I thought it would be just a nice pencil to have for small details, that is true but I was in for a real surprise seeing how strong it actually was. I tend to draw hard and I'm trying to get myself out of that bad habit usually with any mechanical pencil the led tends to snap on me, but after doing some really quick strokes with this lil guy I have not even broke the tip. Not only is it strong it also really good for doing hairs when designing a character. I really like this pencil and I hope to buy some more in the near future just to have more of it's pretty colors in my collection, however the only thing I did not like about this product was the bad eraser. It does scuff up and does not erase well. So you might want to buy a nicer eraser just in case you want to purchase this.

I would recommend it to anyone for whatever reason.

March 17, 2014
Let me just say I'm so...
Verified Purchase
Let me just say I'm so in love with this mechanical pencil, it is the to me. I just really love the color and design of polka dots. It just makes me really excited to draw with. Also me not really reading what's the specs with this pen but I really love the fact that you can shake the pen to get more led. I was shaking the life out of the pen trying to see why it does that. I looked down and saw a long line of lead just poking out like "hey!" I really dig this pen, I like the lead and the fact that it has yet to even break on me. That is just a super plus in my book. Now it comes with an eraser that you can twist, I call it the infinity eraser, though it's not infinite, but you catch my drift. Now the ONLY thing I do not like about this pencil is the eraser. Now it is a nice feature don't get me wrong, but the quality kinda sucks. It actually does not erase really well to me and it just leaves a lot of scuff marks and other mess. Even though the eraser is bad I still love this pencil and would be honored to buy another one if they come in more cute designs. (I know they have more designs but they need to make some different ones if they want to get my money Lol)

I would recommend this pen to anyone who wants to write, or draw with something so cute and amazing.

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March 17, 2014
First off I must say...
Verified Purchase
First off I must say I love because they are a really good site if you are looking for great products at amazing prices, but lets talk about this pen. the Uni-ball Signo broad Gel Ink Pen in white is actually a pretty nice pen, I love the design of the pen it looks really fancy in my little art tools collection, however I can say I'm a little bit ticked off with this pen because it does skitch up on me from time to time whenever I try to add some slight detail to a picture, so I would have to shake the pen, write on a piece of scrap paper, or even (I know this is probably bad) placed it on my tongue just to get it to write again. I guess the moisture is what it needed cause the tip might get a wee bit dry. That's my biggest peeve about this pen so far, now mind you if you are looking for a great white gel ink pen to do details with this might be, or may not be for you. Because this pen does have some really thick gel ink so you might want to work with it, depending on the person. Me personally I don't mind having this pen in my collection, but only if I'm doing a big picture that needs a lot of white ink on it, however I should invest in something a bit smaller all due to the fact that this pen seems like it's more heavy duty, where I'm looking for something that is light duty.

Would I recommend this pen to anyone? Sure why not, only thing is that it does skitch (Track, dry up, stop working for a moment) so if you don't mind the slight skitch then you should get it.