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The ultimate puzzle pals! T...
July 30, 2012
The ultimate puzzle pals!

These caught my attention immediately when I first saw them on a store rack. I couldn't resist. As it turns out, this was one impulse purchase that totally payed off in spades. I could not be more impressed by these. Through the simple expedient of not actually coming off the paper but rather just turning clear through friction, these pens have all the benefits of a gel ink pen while also being, by far, the greatest "erasable ink" pens I've ever used, the ink "disappearing" completely. Their design is absolutely genius, and they work far better than I would have even imagined.

As an avid puzzle solver, the ideal erasable ink pen had been an elusive Holy Grail for decades: we needed something that writes boldly on shoddy paper, but can be erased completely and without smudging. We now have the nonpareil. Since the ink never actually comes up off the paper, there is no need whatsoever for the "eraser" to dig into the paper to try (and usually fail) to get the ink off. These are officially a game changer, and I recommend them without reservation.
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I've been using Fisher...
October 26, 2011
I've been using Fisher Space pens for years and am a big fan of them. Not only do they perform as advertised, but they also are incredible conversation pieces. People are amazed when I demonstrate how well it works writing at an angle or upside down, especially when compared side-by-side with a traditional ballpoint.

A bonus not mentioned in the ad copy for this item (but can be seen on the image of the packaging) is that it comes with an adapter (basically a little plastic hat) that allows the refill to fit the run-of-the-mill Parker Jotter (among other Parker pens); I've done this before and it works quite well, so even if the style of the Fisher pens themselves aren't your taste, you can still give this ink a try.

One downside to the ink needs to be made clear in advance (this is why this is a 4-point review instead of 5): given time, the ink will "seep" through paper, making drawn lines slightly wider and slightly faded, and ultimately showing through on the OTHER side of the paper. For this reason, Fisher ink is entirely unsuitable for notebooks (and anywhere else both sides of a page are written on), and for fine detail work and/or work that needs archiving. For general writing purposes, however, this is far and away the most reliable ballpoint refill I've ever encountered.
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