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I got this nib model...
August 17, 2011
Verified Purchase
I got this nib model because I've heard it's ideal for very tiny details, but I have a very hard time getting it to consistently release ink without pressing hard, which makes my lines thick and bold (the opposite of what I need).
I don't know if it's just me, but I cant get repetitive detail lines out of this nib without stopping every minute to struggle with it. When it does work it's fantastic, but the constant problem with ink flow has ruined a number of my drawings.
I've been using the Kaimei Drawing Pen Ink.
I had never used a nib...
July 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
I had never used a nib pen before so this was my first experience. It was instantly easy to use! There was no learning curve. Right out of the pack I loved drawing with it and was amazed at how fine the lines could be. I have tried other nibs since and none match up to this one. It is awesome.
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