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For the price, this pen...
November 1, 2011
For the price, this pen is TOPS.

I actually picked this up locally from a San Francisco retailer but I thought I'd holler on Jetpens.com customers behalf, that they have a winner here.

Ergonomically, this could have a better grip, but its not a deal breaker nor do I find myself fatigued in its use. It looks much more expensive than its $ price tag suggests. The fit and finish is easily found on pens over twice as much.

Now for the writing - initially I hated this pen. HATED. It was finicky and wouldn't write on cheap paper. Sometimes it wouldn't write AT ALL. It skipped like a 5 yr old girl, etc.

After I PRIMED the pen however, it has been performing like a dream, laying down lines like Tony Montana. Smooth, dancing lines like a ballerina. This thing sings on my Moleskine, can't wait to try it on my Rhodias.

I'll be upgrading my fountain pen inventory soon, maybe a Sailor here, a Pelikan there....but I know right now this one will always be in heavy rotation. I picked up a converter from here, and will write a review after a few week's trial.
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This pen is just eh....
November 1, 2011
Verified Purchase
This pen is just eh. My first experience w Kaweco - inherently it's not a BAD pen, it's just NOT very GOOD. It's okay for the price and I like the German pedigree. The writing experience leaves a lot to be desired. It's got a scratchy nib (mine anyway) and bleeds like a mofo. As someone mentioned, the ink kind of fades and sort of looks gray instead of a dark blue or black (Kaweco cartridges). Plus it BLEEDS like a stuck pig on my Moleskine .... mind you this is a M nib, so those interested should really go for a F or EF. All in all, its pretty, and while posted is not horribly uncomfortable. It lives in my shirt pocket because its small and unobtrusive while capped, which is a plus.

My verdict is a B-. Nice effort.
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