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Reviews Written by jae14

December 18, 2012
I've purchased several...
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I've purchased several capacitive stylus pen combinations and I always felt they were lacking in one way or another. The design of this one is excellent. This transfers from a stylus to a pen with one click. No caps to remove and lose. You don't have to flip between opposite ends to use for different purposes. It also is a normal sized pen when so many others are tiny and seemingly not intended for regular use. It is also nice that the capacitive stylus is not on the same end as the clip which would make it uncomfortable to use. I have to say that I really prefer the aluminum alloy over the less expensive plastic version, but you may disagree depending on your preferences. I use this with my note taking app on my iPad regularly.

At this point I can't say how this item holds up over time, but it seems very well constructed and I have high hopes. My dream pen/capacitive stylus combo has options for more than one color ink plus an easy and comfortable to use capacitive stylus. In the meantime, I have settled on using two of the alloy lunatics with different color ink.

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May 27, 2010
I'm a previous Dr. Grip...
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I'm a previous Dr. Grip fan. I love, love, love this pen. So much that I've managed to purchase every color except black. I wonder how long I'll be able to resist that one... The design is great. Seems tough and rugged, but beautifully styled at the same time. Writing is very smooth. The only pen I want to use anymore.

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