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I would consider this...
October 21, 2013
I would consider this mechanical pencil seriously awesome.

I've been using the same mechanical pencil for more than a year now and it still functions like new. I don't usually use the eraser that is on the top because it'll look "ugly" when using it so I use a separate eraser to solve your problem with the small eraser. So basically, it doesn't really bother me.

Another good use is the shake function. It can be turned on or off however and whenever you want it to be. I usually turn it off because I'm fine with just click the pencil from the top. But if someone is quite lazy to click the pencil from the top, the shake function might be really good for you to use.

The shiny-ness of the metal will wear off (for a really really long time) so it won't get all rusty and brown (ew haha). After a year of me using the pencil, I can see the shiny-ness wear off but it's not all the way rusty.

Overall, beautiful, simply color design that is lightweight.
I would defintely buy it haha. But here's a tip :). If you visit Taiwan, or Japan and find this pencil, you'll find it way less cheaper than here in the website. I got mine from Taiwan and I got it around $6 ;))). Just a tip. But if you don't mind paying the extra price, go for it.
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