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Kuretake No. 14 Pocket Brush Pen - Hard - KURETAKE DR150-14B
  feel bad for the other..., May 8, 2014
feel bad for the other reviewer since the main problem was streaking. I didn't have that type of problem on the proper paper being used. its a beautiful brush pen thats worth its price. will buy another if it runs out :]
Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen - Gray Ink - KURETAKE LS5-10
  My absolute favorite......, February 17, 2014
My absolute favorite... I wish there were more out there like it. The tip is super responsive giving thick or SUPER crisp thin lines. The ink is warm and about 60% grey! Perfect for sketching :] I also really enjoy how you can see how much ink is left in the reservoir by simply holding it up to the light. If you are doing heavy usage it'll last you awhile before needing another (6 pages of heavy doodling on 5x7 vellum surface paper about 85% left)
Uni Pin Pen - 01 Oil-based Ink - 0.49 mm - Black Ink - UNI PIN01A.24
  The tip is super fine..., February 17, 2014
The tip is super fine which i really love and holds up to a bit of abuse. It doesn't bleed like other oil based ink pens i've used and the life of it goes a long way. I love using this as a final outline for my watercolor sketches (before and after the wash of water)
Pilot Pocket Brush Pen - Hard - PILOT P-SV-30KK-B
  I've used an array of..., February 17, 2014
I've used an array of different type of brush pens with a "hard" or "firmer" tip. This by far is the best I've experienced. Yes , for the finest line that the tip can achieve requires a light touch (obviously). It is very responsive - meaning if you are drawing gestural lines it will give you a variation despite its tiny size (of course nothing too dramatic). The ink capacity has held up to over 10 pages ( 5x7) of constant doodles, sketches, and outlining and still is full of life. Five bucks may seem a bit much for a non-refillable but I high encourage to try it out.
Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen - Medium Fine Nib - Red Body - SAILOR 11-0103-307
  this fountain pen writes..., February 17, 2014
this fountain pen writes smoothly, fine, and cartridge insert was simple. The body is made out of plastic so expect it to feel like light as a feather. A few friends that have tested it says it does feel a bit "cheap" but regardless its function overshadows that. No trouble with the flow of ink, barrel, or cap. I've had this for about 3 weeks now and its grown to be one my favorite purchases from jetpens. I mainly use this for sketching (if you were wondering) & occasionally writing notes in class too
Kokuyo C2 Tray Type Pencil Case - Khaki Green + Yellow - KOKUYO F-VBF122-3
  I got this case because..., February 9, 2014
I got this case because of its unique design and ability to hold a bunch of newly purchased brush pens. It is currently holding 18 brush pens and regular ones like a champ, no bulging or zipper failure. (it can fit Tombo dual brush pens at an angle perfectly if there is room) Well crafted and the color combo is really attractive!! I was skeptical at first since this was a bit pricey but it is definitely worth every penny. i may purchase another one in the near future :]
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Blue Black - PILOT LHM-15C4-BB
  I have purchased this..., February 9, 2014
I have purchased this color, black as well as brown. All of them are very smooth, feather, and are perfect for sketching. As a lefty I haven't experience smudging. They also are capable of bleeding if you want a wash effect with these!
Deleter Neopiko Line 2 Pen - Brush - Black Ink - DELETER 3118000
  The tip is actually just..., February 2, 2014
The tip is actually just okay. It seems pretty standard and with time I am sure that it'll fray like the rest of my brush pens with similar tips. Might return this since it doesn't seem to be worth its price :/
1 to 8 (of 8 )