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looks like a maxi-pad...
July 26, 2010
looks like a maxi-pad that's light pink,, Ewwwww
HAHAHA... this looks...
July 26, 2010
HAHAHA... this looks like a blue Maxi-Pad... HAHAHAHAHA
HAHA. This thing is great....
June 12, 2010
HAHA. This thing is great. It'll certainly help lower portion sizes. One, this will not hold a copious amount of food like fat lunch boxes, and two I can't possibly afford to buy a second lunch box. LOL (^ 0 ^),
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OK. I WOULD be all over...
March 29, 2010
OK. I WOULD be all over this if I was living in asia, or moving there, or even europe.. HOWEVER there is a UNFOUNDED discriminism against all fanny-pack esque acessories, and I'm sad to say, I am not good looking enough to pull it off.. haha

I wore fanny-packs in all other countries, and grew up with them, then North America happens..

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Seriously, I thought...
September 9, 2009
Seriously, I thought about it for 3-4 minutes, and I still can't figure out exactly what these things are.

It says Bottle Cap, what does that mean, Cap to WHAT kind of bottle. Does it fit standard poland spring bottles?
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