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Reviews Written by anubis_nut

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Pilot Iroshizuku Ink - 50 ml - Shin-ryoku Deep Green (Deep Green) - PILOT INK-50-SHR
  Excellent deep forest..., January 8, 2014
Excellent deep forest green. This was just the green I was looking for, its not a grass green. Its truly a dark green. I would describe it as a green that is closer to pine needle green. Its got vibrancy to it. The ink behaves well in my lamy pens, pilot pens, and platium pens. It even works well with my EF nib fountain pen. I highly recommend this ink, plus the weighty bottle has got a great design to it.
J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Bouquet d'Antan (Bouquet of Yesteryear Pink) - J. HERBIN H130-64
  Its name is very accurate...., January 8, 2014
Its name is very accurate. It is just like a faded bouquet. The color is not bright, think a pale pink. Its hard to read on a page, I mean if the whole page was written with this ink. I was looking for a pink like this but just a bit more color; so it not so pale and fragile that a breeze might blown away the words I write. Overall, the ink behaves and the cute squat bottle reminds me of an accountant's inkwell from a christmas carol. I'd be hard to get the last of the ink out of it, but this one won't even get used that much. So I don't have to worry about that.
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Violet Leopard Body - PILOT 91133
  Its a bit heavy for my..., January 8, 2014
Its a bit heavy for my smaller hands, but I can't help using it all the time! I just end up taking off the cap. I set it aside and write. Without the cap, the pen is plenty light for me. It writes so smooth straight out of the box. I used it with the black ink cartridge it came with, then I filled it out with a different ink, pilot yamabudo. And it still works great. I got the white version of the metropolitan too. I have yet tried it out, but it's probably just as wonderful. I glad I got both colors. And I been so happy with the way it writes that I've been telling my friends about it. Oh, it does write quite thickly for a M nib, but it's still thinner than a Lamy M nib.
Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen with Ergo Grip - Extra Fine Nib - Clear Body - PILOT P-FP-50R-NC-EF
  At first its a bit scratchy..., January 8, 2014
At first its a bit scratchy and I thought I was one of the ones who got a crappy pens. BUT, I cleaned it thoroughly and took the nib out, air dried everything. Reloaded it up, and Wow! It works. All it took was a good clean, and I works very well. It writes smooth now and the ink doesn't clog. The EF is truely an extra fine. I am considering getting another one. It
Diamine Fountain Pen Ink - 80 ml - Eclipse (Black) - DIAMINE INK 7081
  Now this is a black that..., June 7, 2013
Now this is a black that I love. I use it in my Lamy and petit pilot. Both work well with it. No Problems. The color is dark and not the typical grayish black. Plus what an awesome name for an ink!
Heiando Fabric Business Card Case - Flower and Temari - Black - HEIANDO TEMARI-B
  Please restock!! Tha..., February 1, 2011
Please restock!! Thanks!
Nomadic AP-03 Moving Option Waist Bag - Black - NOMADIC EAP 03 BLACK
  Handy little beast, I'm..., September 17, 2010
Handy little beast, I'm using it while I work at the hospital. I can clip this on a fill it with thing that won't fit in my coat pocket. I don't lose my chap stick in my coat pockets any more!
Midori D-Clip Paper Clips - Original Series - Penguin - Box of 30 - MIDORI 230506
  Awesome little paperclip..., September 17, 2010
Awesome little paperclip shapes! I'm going to have to get more. They are very sturdy and come in a great little package. They are on the expensive side though and shouldn't be used too casually.
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