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Reviews Written by anastas

December 6, 2014
This is incredibly tiny!...
Verified Purchase
This is incredibly tiny! Like half the size of my thumb. The scissors work really well for cutting little things like threads, tags, bands and the like. They're nice and sharp.
I got the blue one as a gift for someone else, and ended up buying another one for myself because the mail-opening component is GREAT. I fail miserably at opening envelopes, but no more! I have this on my desk and no longer open my mail with anything else. Love it.

The chain portion is unbelievably fine and delicate looking. I wouldn't trust it on a keychain or bag, but I have it threaded through a pen clip and it's nice and safe.

Really nifty little gift, and a fantastic letter-opener!

December 6, 2014
This might be the best...
Verified Purchase
This might be the best looking mechanical pencil. Period. The photos don't really do justice to how seriously great this thing looks.
It's also a pretty big pencil, with what I think is a comfortable heaviness. Just as warning that this is definitely NOT lightweight, and might fatigue someone using it for long sessions of note-taking or whatnot.
The knock mechanism is really smooth, and I love that the tip retracts.

One star short because I'm a frequent pencil-rotator, and the clip really gets in the way. I mean, it's smooth plastic so it doesn't dig in or anything, but it keeps me from using it as often as I'd like in favour of my clipless pencils.

But seriously. Gorgeous.

December 6, 2014
I ordered this specifically...
Verified Purchase
I ordered this specifically to hold all of my soft-bodied brush pens without squishing them. It works! It's long enough to hold the standard Pentel brush pen, and big enough to comfortably contain seven other brush pens, with room to spare. The sides are nice and rigid and it does indeed unzip into a flat box/tray shape. Very easy to find things.
As an added benefit, you can also stand the case on its end! Good for desk space and for storing brush pens upright to avoid leaking.
The zipper/handle with the snap is nifty, and the colours are great! I highly recommend it, especially for fat/squashy pens.

December 6, 2014
I bought the Teffa Book...
Verified Purchase
I bought the Teffa Book Style case ( 668 ) a while back and I love it to pieces, but it became so quickly overloaded with all of my art junk that it wasn't feasible to lug it around in my backpack, nevermind separate sketchbooks.
I ordered this bag with these requirements in mind:

-must be relatively flat to slide into my backpack/bag without making it bulky.
-must have space for at least one medium sized sketchbook, multiple pens, eraser, sharpener etc.
-must be easy to open and organise, so nothing tumbles around or out of the bag.

This pretty well hit all the marks! I currently have two 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch sketchbooks comfortably in the large pocket, a mini travel sketchbook in front pocket behind the velcro pouch on the right, a brushpen in the pen-holder and an eraser and sharpener in the left velcro pocket with room to spare.
The only problem I've encountered with it is limited pen/pencil space. Aside from the on skinny pen-pocket, the other compartments aren't really suited to holding drawing utensils. I have two fountain pens in the front pocket, but they bulge out a bit and make the velcro close funny, and I have three other tools that I had to put in the large front pocket sticking out of the top. They haven't fallen out yet, but I'd feel better if they were more secure. Maybe if there were just another extra long pocket I could zip or snap closed? Anyway, it hasn't caused me any grief. I wish there were a 4 1/2 star rating.

To close on a positive point, I really like the zipper going all the way around the edge. The bag can open completely and almost lie flat, so it's easy to grab things from the bottom. The whole thing is also really sturdy and keeps its shape. I'm not worried about it bending! As a bonus, I love the colour.

Overall, very happy with the purchase!

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October 10, 2014
I use these leads to...
Verified Purchase
I use these leads to sketch underneath comic pages and illustrations. They're more precision and less fuss compared to similar red pencils and leads, but here's the breakdown:

The marks do NOT want to erase. Not even a little.
The lead is still quite delicate and snaps off easily. I don't recommend it for writing and you should keep and eye on how far you advance your lead.

This is a true red. Not pink or purple, as I've run into with other brands.
The point is nice and sharp. Good for precise lines.
Less smudging than Prismacolour or Staedtler leads.
No problems with catching, snagging or sliding on different surfaces. I've used it on toothy sketchbook paper, smooth and vellum surfaces.

I've come to rely on it as my main "clean" sketching lead. Definitely give it a try if you're doing page layouts or inking.

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October 10, 2014
I didn't need these books...
Verified Purchase
I didn't need these books at all. Totally frivolous purchase. But they look so niiiice...
As it turns out, they also take a whole bunch of materials like a champ! I've used gel, felt, fountain and brush pens with no bleedthrough at all, and only the beginning of bleeding with a sharpie. It's a smooth, strong paper and the book is a good size for doodling, with the added real estate of being able to use both sides of the page. The colours are a lot of fun, too!

October 10, 2014
This is a really nice,...
Verified Purchase
This is a really nice, deep red. It looks more like the colour in the bottle/lid pictures than the more orange red on the colour swatch, veeeeerrryy slight pink to it.
I'm using it with a fine nib and it looks great on paper, not faded or weak at all. Unfortunately, if you aren't very neat about getting it into the converter, it can look a little... violent. I went around with a couple of bloody fingertips for half a day.

April 24, 2014
I was worried that such...
Verified Purchase
I was worried that such a thin lead (I'm using Hi-Uni)would be awkward to draw with or disappear on the page, but it shows up pretty dark and easily visible. If you're worried about a 0.3 for sketching, I say go ahead! It's replaced my 0.5 and I haven't looked back yet.

The pencil is very light overall, but the metal grip gives it a comfortable heft. Good for long periods of use. The one problem I found with it is that the edges of the clip are a bit pointy, and it wound up getting in the way as I rotated the pencil... aaand then I discovered that the clip slides off and felt a bit silly. So yeah! The clip slides off! Good to know.

Very decent pencil, and I love the colour.

January 24, 2014
I bought this pen at...
I bought this pen at a local art store (for about three dollars more), and the only reason I still have it is as a warning for others. Don't get this! There are so, so many better brush pens. This started fraying for me immediately and even before that the tip is weirdly floppy and difficult to control. The ink is smeary on smooth paper and too dry on rough paper, and it's only marker-proof about 70% of the time. You can colour over it in greyscale, but it starts smudging under something like a peach or pink. I also found that the pigment lifts badly if you erase over it. Just go to the Jetpens brush-pen section and pick something, anything else.

January 10, 2014
So this pencil is TINY....
Verified Purchase
So this pencil is TINY. Like, really really tiny. It didn't register how small it actually is until I was holding it in my hand. I can't use it for too long or my hands starts to ache from gripping such a small object. Recommended for the more petite if you plan to use it for longer stretches.
That said! I really like this little thing and will be ordering a few more in different colours. It's very sturdy, has a good weight to it (really!) and clips securely. The eraser is nothing to write home about, but it doesn't streak or crumble or anything.
I found a surprising use for it that I feel the need to share. On a lark, I used this instead of my primary mechanical pencil (large, heavy, 0.5) for a few study pages in my sketchbook, and found myself unconsciously drawing smaller, tighter lines. I wound up filling the page with about twice as many little diagrams as I normally would have, with notations crammed into the tightest spaces, even though the lead size is the same as I usually use. I definitely wouldn't use it for loose, shaded sketches, but it's going to be right at home with the kit I use to doodle in coffee shops or on the train.
It looks nice, feels nice, is extremely portable and I'm not afraid of possibly breaking it despite its size.

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