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Reviews Written by spindlewit

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Pentel Graph 600 Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm - Mint Green Body - PENTEL PG603-S
  I was worried that such..., April 24, 2014
I was worried that such a thin lead (I'm using Hi-Uni)would be awkward to draw with or disappear on the page, but it shows up pretty dark and easily visible. If you're worried about a 0.3 for sketching, I say go ahead! It's replaced my 0.5 and I haven't looked back yet.

The pencil is very light overall, but the metal grip gives it a comfortable heft. Good for long periods of use. The one problem I found with it is that the edges of the clip are a bit pointy, and it wound up getting in the way as I rotated the pencil... aaand then I discovered that the clip slides off and felt a bit silly. So yeah! The clip slides off! Good to know.

Very decent pencil, and I love the colour.
Copic Multiliner SP Pen - Brush Tip - Black - COPIC MLSPBP
  I bought this pen at..., January 24, 2014
I bought this pen at a local art store (for about three dollars more), and the only reason I still have it is as a warning for others. Don't get this! There are so, so many better brush pens. This started fraying for me immediately and even before that the tip is weirdly floppy and difficult to control. The ink is smeary on smooth paper and too dry on rough paper, and it's only marker-proof about 70% of the time. You can colour over it in greyscale, but it starts smudging under something like a peach or pink. I also found that the pigment lifts badly if you erase over it. Just go to the Jetpens brush-pen section and pick something, anything else.
Platinum Mini Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Shadow Metal
  So this pencil is TINY...., January 10, 2014
So this pencil is TINY. Like, really really tiny. It didn't register how small it actually is until I was holding it in my hand. I can't use it for too long or my hands starts to ache from gripping such a small object. Recommended for the more petite if you plan to use it for longer stretches.
That said! I really like this little thing and will be ordering a few more in different colours. It's very sturdy, has a good weight to it (really!) and clips securely. The eraser is nothing to write home about, but it doesn't streak or crumble or anything.
I found a surprising use for it that I feel the need to share. On a lark, I used this instead of my primary mechanical pencil (large, heavy, 0.5) for a few study pages in my sketchbook, and found myself unconsciously drawing smaller, tighter lines. I wound up filling the page with about twice as many little diagrams as I normally would have, with notations crammed into the tightest spaces, even though the lead size is the same as I usually use. I definitely wouldn't use it for loose, shaded sketches, but it's going to be right at home with the kit I use to doodle in coffee shops or on the train.
It looks nice, feels nice, is extremely portable and I'm not afraid of possibly breaking it despite its size.
Akashiya Etegami Postcard Size Paper - 3-Layer Hongasen Paper - Pack of 10 Sheets - AKASHIYA AO-40L
  Don't try and use these..., January 9, 2014
Don't try and use these for watercolour paintings! Unless you plan on using only a dash of water, the paper separates into layers IMMEDIATELY when wet, and the surface starts peeling.
I love the texture, and you can get some seriously interesting effects with a fountain pen or similar tools, but this is not a paper that holds up to abuse.
Pilot Futayaku Double-Sided Brush Pen - Fine / Medium - Black Ink - PILOT SVW-20KSN-B
  The fat tip on this one..., January 9, 2014
The fat tip on this one wore out on me pretty fast. It started out sharp, but after about a month it was only useful as a space-filler. There's barely any line variation, so if you're looking for something flexible or energetic/springy, I would go with the Kuretake brush pens instead. It's not technically a bad pen, but I think you'd get more out of buying a fine tip and a bold tip pen separately.
Pentel Brush Pen Cartridge - Gray Ink - PENTEL FR-N
  I use this as a companion..., January 9, 2014
I use this as a companion to my Pentel standard and light black brush pens. This is a colder, lighter grey than the Aquash light black, and it also runs a lot more dry. I wouldn't recommend using this on anything other than smooth paper. It skips like crazy on anything else. Squeezing the body hard doesn't give me as wet of a line as I'd like, but it CAN result in a big ol' drip forming at the base of the brush. Something to watch out for.

Overall, I prefer the light black pen, but this is still very useful, especially when I want different "colours" in a greyscale picture.
Pentel Aquash Watercolor Brush Pen - Pigment Ink - Light Black - PENTEL XFRH-MN
  I use this constantly..., January 9, 2014
I use this constantly with the standard Pentel brush pen. The tip has held up beautifully through heavy use, and can be used for fine details as well as large washes. When shading large spaces, it can start to look a little rough and patchy even when you work fast, but that's a minor issue. It can run VERY wet if you give the body a good squeeze, to the point where I can use it for splatter if I want to. A plus for my uses, but be cautious of it! I recommend using it on smooth paper for a clean line, as it tends to skip on textured paper. It WILL bleed through most stuff! Use it judiciously or on heavier, watercolour-grade paper.
Pentel Standard Brush Pen - Tsumi Tip - PENTEL XFL2U
  This has become the primary..., January 9, 2014
This has become the primary tool in my sketching kit. It allows me to do everything I would normally do with ink and brush, but portable and without the mess. The line variation is excellent and allows for great sloshy, energetic inking. It works well on smooth and textured paper, but I think I prefer it on smooth paper, as it allows me to do tiny details without switching tools, whereas on toothy paper it tends to run a little dry. I know some people find the tip a little large and unwieldy, but that's a matter of drawing style. If you're used to working with watercolour or liquid ink, this is actually a fair bit more forgiving. You don't need an inhumanly feather-light hand to get hairline marks out of it.

I have been using my brush HEAVILY for the past three months, and the tip is still pristine. I definitely get more out of the hair brush than I have out of its felt tip equivalents.
Overall, I highly recommend it!
1 to 8 (of 8 )