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Reviews Written by bluenightpress

November 11, 2010
I LOVE this pen, and...
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I LOVE this pen, and all the DX UM-151s. I teach at the U of Utah, and this is the pen I use to grade all of my student's papers. The tip is fine enough that I can make little corrections in the margins and between lines; the "Bordeaux Black" color is red enough to seem like it's chastising my students for their silly mistakes, but not so red that they feel violated (turns out that bright red pens have a negative effect on students); and the smoothness is unlike any other pen with a tip this fine. The "blotchiness" that another reviewer mentioned is, for me, more like a fountain pen's "flair" once you get more used to it (perfect for writing kanji). Finally, one of the greatest features about this gel pen compared to every other gel pen I've used is the speed at which it dries--it's a smooth, fine gel ink that won't smudge. Awesome, awesome pen. Also great for writing in the margins of books.

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September 20, 2007
I lived in Japan about...
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I lived in Japan about eight years back (1998-2000) and discovered this pen while there. I brought back dozens of them when I returned stateside, and the day my last pen pooped out was a sad, sad day indeed. I'm a writer, and I often daydream about this pen, about the soft and gooey scratch it makes when you write with it--there's an indescribable cleanness and fineness in that gooey scratch that I've never found in another gel pen, try as I have. I love, love, love this pen.