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I reach for this pen...
May 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
I reach for this pen more often than I ever thought I would. It's perfect for reinforcing the habit of writing with a light touch. But it's really great for note taking, because you can vary the heaviness to convey emphasis. And that also makes it fun for impromptu doodling--it comes close the the pleasure of a dip pen.
I love the solid feel...
May 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love the solid feel of this pen. I fitted it with a resistive stylus and a Jetstream refill (the supplied ink isn't in the Jetstream/Vicuña league) and it's been a constant companion for teaching in a computer lab.

The pencil refill needs to have its lead retracted before rotating to another refill--this is indicative of the precision of the pen, but it is a pain. And there's no fully inside position, so it's necessary to park it in a roughly middle point (where two tips are near the opening but none extend beyond it).

It's still better on balance than any other custom multi I've used, and it's my favorite by far.
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It's a worthwhile upgrade,...
November 5, 2013
It's a worthwhile upgrade, but it's slippery. It's slimmer than the comparable 3-refill bodies, it looks classy, and--it doesn't rattle! It is designed to always have a pen deployed, but you can stop at an in-between point for carry.

The pen can be hard to write with, because the shiny body is accordingly slick, and the pen is somewhat top-heavy. I still prefer it over its Coleto counterpart, though I wish Uni offered stylus and eraser refills.
I love this pen! It writes...
November 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this pen! It writes much more smoothly than the Hi-Tec-C .5 on the everyday paper I encounter with grading. The color is very close to the Hi-Tec-C Kurikawa (Chestnut), a bit richer and less green. It's a very dignified substitute for black, with a little flair.
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It's an awesome portable...
October 3, 2012
Verified Purchase
It's an awesome portable pen cup! Unzip it halfway, fold down the top flap, and it keeps all your writing gear at easy reach.

It does go a bit floppy if it isn't zipped up to where it's folded over, or if it's holding only a few pens. And I wish all the pockets along the back were full-height, to better organize pens. But it's great at its core function as a pen cup that you can transport around.
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It's cool, convenient...and...
May 31, 2012
Verified Purchase
It's cool, convenient...and crumbly. If you're wondering how cool it might be to have a tiny eraser as one of the cartridges in a multi-pen, well, it's cooler than I'd imagined. I've got it in a 2-cartridge body, and it has quickly become second nature to switch from one to the other.

The eraser itself isn't very good. It crumbles into stringy bits that hang off the eraser tip and clog the opening of the body. It performs much worse than the pen-style polymer eraser I got from Daiso. I was unable to completely erase some 2B writing from a Moleskine notebook, for example. With so much rubbing, it depletes pretty quickly.

This is evidently the price you pay for having an eraser cartridge. It isn't going to erase like a Tombo Mono Zero, but you don't have to reach for a separate eraser, or even flip the writing instrument over. I think it's worth it.
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This pen has its faults....
December 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
This pen has its faults. Yet I keep coming back to it, because it's a cool and comfortable design.

The point is scratchy. One should expect a superfine nib to be scratchy, and this one is very, very fine. But my next finest pen, a Sailor HighAce Neo, is worlds smoother. It's also prone to skipping and slow starting when using a less-than-sturdy writing support, like a folder. I assume that's mainly due to the fineness as well, and it's flawless on a desk surface.

I get a lot of nib creep, to the point of having a few tiny ink spots in the cap. This isn't a real problem, but it's also not present on many other pens.

In any case, the shape is really as awesome as it seems it might be. The three-sided grip part is smooth and comfy (for a lefty, no less) and it's just an interesting pen. I'll be interested in how the black body compares, but IMHO this pen is worth the price.

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So far, so good. The...
December 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
So far, so good. The body is reasonably slim--about the diameter of a standard Kuru Toga pencil--and smooth to grip. It's definitely cheap feeling, but so is a Bic, and this thing is way cooler than a Bic.

It's necessary to peel off the sticker before you can open it. The refills snap into clearly visible holes. It takes some force to get them truly seated, but once they're in place, the whole thing works smoothly. Writing with .5 gels is about as dreamy as with the Signo DX: the pen just skates across the paper, no rattling or bending. Same with the pencil component.

The white plungers & clip look a little dopey on the silver body--The black body seems like it'd look nicer than the silver one does. But really, this is a cheap, nifty, customizable multi-pen. If you want a nifty, customizable fine writing implement, the metal version of the body component seems like it'd be a good choice.

One more thing: hang on to the little containers that held the refills. It's hard to resist swapping in new colors, and you'll need a way to store the rotated-out colors!
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