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Reviews Written by Lampshaj

September 30, 2013
Lets face it most people...
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Lets face it most people at one point are going to drop this pencil, and when you do you'll either bend the tip beyond repair or you'll forever have a pencil with a slightly bent tip. Save a bit more a get a pencil with a retractable tip or buy a cheaper pencil.
Also, I could never get the barrel to stay screwed out. I'd be taken notes and the barrel would loosen, however this problem was solved with a drop of olive oil on the threads

October 19, 2012
Let me start by saying...
Let me start by saying I like my G2's better; at least when you buy a cheap pen and don't like it you can just disgrade it or give it away, not this thing. I bought it to improve my responsibility; who would loss a pen that costs 26 bucks, not me.

To begin with I love the design, it looks amazing. But, its got a set grip with two groves for your thumb and pointer finger, so if you have a different grip you may want to try it first. In general the pen writes well. The chassis works well and the design is very bold and unique; gets attention (positive or negative).

The ink is my biggest gripe, it alone is enough for me to hate the pen. I write on normal loss leaf, and the ink bleeds, feathers, fades, smudges, goes quick, you name it. Ever bad quality ink could have, it has. And it seems like I'm replacing cartridges every week or two. Amazing how this company makes ink that performs much worse than cheap Pilot pens.

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October 19, 2012
To start off this "black"...
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To start off this "black" ink is a medium gray. It comes out a dark grey and then slowly fades to a lighter and lighter grey; and i assume it'd completely fade away some day. I've got documents that are only half a year old that have faded significantly (although legible). Also, the ink is very sensitive to water and moisture. Overall, a horrible choice for a pen that costs 26.00. Stick with the G2.

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February 29, 2012
If you order black ink...
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If you order black ink you expect black ink. This dries to a medium gray, not even a dark gray. Very disappointed! Update description of product.

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