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Reviews Written by beverlytuazon

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Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser - STAEDTLER 526 50
  This is a good quality..., April 8, 2014
This is a good quality eraser that erases cleanly. The "dust" conveniently gathers into rolls. The eraser is relatively firm and, depending on the lead grade used, erasing can sometimes require some effort. It's a great value and will last a long time. Though, my favorite eraser is still the Kokuyo 2B.
Uni E-Knock Eraser - Dust-Gathering - Fine - UNI EH105M.6
  I like the convenience..., April 8, 2014
I like the convenience and esthetic of this knock eraser but the eraser itself is okay. The hardness & size of this eraser is comparable to the Tuff Stuff eraser, though the Uni is softer and the Fine size is about double the width of T.S. The Uni erases well but still produces multiple pieces of "dust." My all-time favorite eraser is still the Kokuyo 2B!
Kokuyo Campus Student Eraser - For 2B Lead - KOKUYO KESHI-C100-1
  This is the best eraser..., April 8, 2014
This is the best eraser I have used just yet. It erases quickly and cleanly. I use it on lead grades HB to 4B and it performs very well. As the eraser is used, the "dust" gathers into one long strip which makes clean-up convenient. The only erasers that I've found that come close to this are Faber-Castell's Dust-Free and Staedtler Mars Plastic, but neither of those erase with the ease and cleanliness of the Kokuyo.
Koh-I-Noor Rapidomatic Drafting Pencil - 0.9 mm - Blue Body - KOH-I-NOOR 5639.BC
  This pencil is slightly..., April 3, 2012
This pencil is slightly heavy but is fairly evenly weighted. Comfortable knurling (a bit less sharp as the Alvin Draft/Matics). The blue body is hexagonal and made of plastic and the lead reserve & advance are made of metals. Supplied eraser comes with a cleaning pin. 5.5 inches long (or 14.1 centimeters). Lead grade indicator is a bit stiff to turn but the selection firmly stays in place. FYI: Made in China.
Kutsuwa Stad One-Push Pencil Holder - Silver - KUTSUWA RH010SV
  This is a great tool..., February 19, 2012
This is a great tool for extending a pencil and/or making a pencil more comfortable, but the quality of the "claw" that extends when you push on the button feels cheap. It's made of aluminum, so the holder itself is lightweight, but the aluminum doesn't seem durable (who knows, I haven't had it for too long, so it could prove to be??) and the machining of the claw is rough with a lot of sharp edges. It also doesn't fully retract once the pencil is inserted. The rest of the holder looks good, and it feels good in the hand, but the claw mechanism doesn't impress me.
Pentel Graph 600 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Mint Green Body - PENTEL PG605-S
  I bought this pencil..., February 19, 2012
I bought this pencil for the simplistic design & the lovely mint color of this pencil. Most of the weight of the pencil is towards the tip, most likely due to the heavier, metal grip and lighter, plastic body. Overall a good, comfortable pencil for the price. The color is really attractive & soothing so much so that even though this isn't the best or most comfortable pencil I own, I still find myself picking it up quite often.
Rotring 600 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Silver Body - SANFORD 1852321
  I don't really have much..., February 17, 2012
I don't really have much else to say about this pencil besides the recurring flattery: solid metal construction, nicely distributed weighty feel, comfortable knurled grip and simple & clean design. I have to admit, I bought this pencil for its looks but it performs just as beautifully. I smile inside every time I pick it up. :-)
Pilot Prera Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Slate Gray Body - PILOT FPR-3SR-SGY-F
  Smooth & Fine! Just what..., February 10, 2012
Smooth & Fine! Just what I was looking for. I favor the Japanese standard for Fine (this writes finer than the German Lamy & Kaweco Extra Fine nibs). This is my new favorite pen. The size and weight are small and light, which is also what I prefer. The pen width and grip is comfortable. The cap is airtight & has a soft click to it. And I love the classy Slate Gray color! I just may get another one in a different color...
Like the other reviewer mentioned the ink output on my pen was originally very light so I also spread the tines ever so slightly with a plastic report cover and the flow is perfect now.
Waterman Nostalgia Fountain Pen Ink - 50 ml Bottle - Mysterious Blue - SANFORD 51060W6
  This is my go-to ink..., January 24, 2012
This is my go-to ink at work. It performs well on a range of papers, from low quality, absorbent copy paper to 100% cotton letterhead; no (or minimal) feathering & bleedthrough on the papers I've used. The color is like a deepened and muted teal. I <3 it! It's dark & subtle enough to be business professional but interesting enough to be fun & unique. I also prefer to not use black ink for certain documents so as to show it is an original. I experienced good ink flow with my Kaweco Classic EF.
Sailor Recycled Material Desk Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - SAILOR 11-0073-120
  Now this is what I call..., January 19, 2012
Now this is what I call Extra Fine (EF)! I bought a Lamy Safari EF and a Kaweco Classic EF and, while they're good fountain pens, they both produce a line that is noticeably thicker than the Sailor EF. Both the Lamy and the Kaweco are German so the European standard for EF must be different than the Japanese standard. The nib on the Sailor writes surprisingly smoothly for as sharp as it is. It's "noisy" when writing (I love that sound!) but I wouldn't call it scratchy. If your preference is an EF point you probably have a light hand anyway. This is a nice, simple, elegant pen and a great value for the price. The supplied ink cartridge was a good, dark black. I re-filled the cartridge with Noodler's X-Feather ink and am a happy writer!
1 to 10 (of 10 )