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Reviews Written by chepablo1

January 25, 2015
The main advantage of...
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The main advantage of this refill is that it is a perfect replacement for the mediocre refill (SJ-7) that comes in the Mitsubishi Pure Malt pen (SS2005). The pen then becomes a well-balanced, great looking, and great writing pen.

August 16, 2009
[UPDATE] Above, the ink...
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[UPDATE] Above, the ink that it was compared to was the Sepia ink for the parallel pen and not Noodler's walnut, which is a red. ontinue.gif

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August 15, 2009
I have two other Iroshizuku...
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I have two other Iroshizuku inks—Momiji and Konpeki—and loved the rich colors. Consequently, when this came out I thought I would add it to my collection of sepia/dark brown inks even though I've been relatively happy with Noodler's Walnut ink. Unfortunately, I've been quite disappointed with yama-guri. First, I tested it on Rhodia, Fabrio Medievalis, and card stock and found that it is rather faint requiring multiple passes to reach a dark brown. I would place it as a light to medium brown and not a dark brown. This lightness may be useful for drawing or ink painting but makes it a frustrating ink for writing. Secondly, it has a very slight greenish cast to it whereas I had assumed that a chestnut would have a bit more red to it.

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July 29, 2009
So, I had mine for a...
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So, I had mine for a couple of days and could use the Leadholder for both writing and drawing. I generally agree with vietnamezeducky's review but will elaborate on two points.
1) The clip. Although I personally like the look of the clip, it's bad design. There are three purposes for the pocket clip (in order of importance)
a) to give the pencil a distinctive look
b) to keep the pencil from rolling off a table
c) to keep it from falling out of your pocket.
The clip satisfies the first two but utterly fails on the third. The pencil fell out of my pocket continuously. It simply does not provide any friction. Secondly, because of the high arc, it doesn't keep the pencil upright in your pocket so that it slumps over. Finally, I really worry because it looks fragile and one needs to push down on it to advance the lead.
2) The interior tube to hold the lead is plastic, probably HDPE. The previous reviewer suggested that this was not unusual. In my experience, this is very unusual. I have many (too many) leadholders from multiple manufacturers with both clutch and click mechanisms, and this is the only one to have a plastic lead tube. My best guess is that this was to keep the weight down.

That said. The Locus looks fantastic, is well-balanced, feels good in the hand, and has just the right amount of grip for the weight.

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February 23, 2009
The pencils are very...
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The pencils are very comfortable to hold, and the lead advance is convenient. Unfortunately, of all the WC pencils I've tried (Faber-Castell, Caran d'Ache Museum, Derwent) these appear to have the least pigment. I tried several techniques—direct writing, picking the paint up from lead, both—but could never get an intense color. For reference, I was working on Arches hot-pressed. My current strategy is to use up the leads and replace with leads from the C d'A Museum line. I've also seen that Pilot's new version of these is black and comes with a nifty carrying case. Refills are also being sold. In an ideal world, Pilot would also have improved the leads. If Jetpens picks up the new version, I may try them.