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Reviews Written by SEGAMUM

May 9, 2011
This pencils crappy please...
This pencils crappy please do not get this . the lead breaks so much . ive yoused every tipe of lead still wont work

May 9, 2011
Come on $$ for this pencil...
Come on $$ for this pencil I understand many people like this pencil but you can get so much more pencils that write better like the pental 600 or 500 write so much better . I bought this pencil to expiriment and waisted too much on it . So please do not get this pencil . sighned SEGAMUM

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May 9, 2011
This earaser is not sadisfiyin...
This earaser is not sadisfiying becase it is not soft and may ruin your paper. But that is just my reason many have others .

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