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Sailor Fountain Pen Jentle Ink - 50 ml Bottle - Sky Blue - SAILOR 13-1000-241
  Sky High is quite possibly..., September 14, 2012
Sky High is quite possibly my favorite blue ink of all time (and I've tried many!). It's a medium, true blue, no purple or green leanings at all. Really rich, it's got depth yet vibrancy at the same time. Life's too short to use a boring shade of blue!
J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Perle Noire (Pearl Black) - J. HERBIN H130-09
  I find Perle Noire only..., September 14, 2012
I find Perle Noire only to be black enough when used in a free flowing pen, at least a medium nib or higher. In my fine and extra fine pens (Sailor ProColor and Pelikan M215) the lines came out faint and charcoal-like. I wish Jet Pens would stock my FAVORITE black, Aurora Black. A much truer black, thick and inky.
Kaweco Student Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - Blue Body - KAWECO 10000465
  Very pleased with this..., September 12, 2012
Very pleased with this pen. The styling is lovely and build quality is excellent. Some might ask whether it's worth twice the price of a Kaweco Sport Classic, and I would say yes. The Student is meant for more of an elegant school or office pen, while the Sport Classic is more of a pocket pen. It even comes with a converter, so you can fill from bottled ink, and the gift tin makes it a perfect choice for, say, a graduation gift. The only complaint that I can see anyone have is that there is a metal grip section, but I actually like the metal as it lends a weighty feel that makes writing easy. I would put this in the same class as the Pilot Prera or TWSBI 540.
Sun-Star Pen Jacket - Belt Type - Navy - SUN-STAR S1485539
  It works! Finally a pen..., September 6, 2012
It works! Finally a pen pouch that I can use with my paper-covered journals. I have bought some clip-type pen loops over the years only to find that they only work with very thick hardcovers. But this is pretty universal. The only downside is that the pocket is very short, so it'll be a tight fit with most pens, and not work with the really long pens.
Kokuyo Campus Paracuruno Slanted Page Notebook - A5 (5.8" X 8.3") - 28 Lines X 80 Sheets - Lime Green - KOKUYO NO-R108B-YG
  These are nice notebooks,..., August 28, 2012
These are nice notebooks, but $18 for one is outrageous. The 5-pack only begins to be more reasonable, but it's hard to take a chance on a notebook that is too expensive to try. Luckily, the paper is fountain pen friendly. It did show a lot of ghosting, so you may not want to write front and back unless you don't mind seeing the shadow of the writing from the other side, but it never ever bled, even with my runniest Noodler's inks. The slanted edges are more of an ergonomic plus, and doesn't really solve any real problem. The different colors are very attractive, and I wish the multi-packs came with multiple colors in each pack.
Field Notes Color Cover Memo Book - National Crop Limited Edition - 3.5" X 5.5" - 48 Pages - 5 mm Graph - Pack of 6 - FEILD NOTES FNC-14
  I used to buy all the..., August 22, 2012
I used to buy all the limited edition Field Notes releases, including the National Crop Edition, but this is the last set I'll buy. The paper is just too thin and poor quality to use with fountain pens. For truly good paper quality there are better choices like Clairefontaine and Rhodia. In comparison, Field Notes seems more like a lifestyle brand capitalizing on the nostalgia trend.
Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Pocket Notebook - Limited Edition - 3.5" X 5.5" - Lined - 48 Sheets - Blue Cover - CLAIREFONTAINE 195996
  These notebooks are super..., August 22, 2012
These notebooks are super cute. Clairefontaine paper is super high quality and perfect for fountain pens. So much better than the thin tissue used in Field Notes!
Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen - Medium 05 Nib - Red Body - PLATINUM PGB-1000 70-3
  This pen was absolute..., July 3, 2012
This pen was absolute junk for me. It started up okay and the ink flow simply never came back. I've checked that the cartridge is seated properly and stored the nib pointed downwards for weeks on end...nothing. This is the first pen I've bought that was DOA and I've gotten no response from Jet Pens customer service about it. Very disappointed.
Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen - Medium Fine Nib - Metallic Pink Body - SAILOR 11-0103-314
  This is a precise writing..., June 20, 2012
This is a precise writing instrument hiding in a teenage girl's pen body. I've purchased a lot of affordable fountain pens, including the Ohto F-Spirit, Pilot Plaisir and Kaweco Sport, and the Sailor Clear Candy is not only one of the smoothest, most consistent writing, but it offers a true fine nib that allows you to write small or on thin paper without bleedthrough. Not sure if I actually see any metallic in the metallic pink body, but it's a cute color nonetheless and I like the extra large Sailor icon on the cap.
Ohto F-Spirit Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Gold Clip - OHTO FF-10F GOLD
  This is an awesome pen..., June 20, 2012
This is an awesome pen for the price, and one that I find myself reaching for very frequently because it writes so smoothly. Perfect ink flow every time, no skipping, no scratching. The look may not have the fit and finish of something ten times the price, but from a distance it's very elegant and the overall weight and balance are pleasing. I only deduct one star because the fine nib is in fact pretty broad.
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