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Reviews Written by milind

March 7, 2014
I think i wrote a review...
Verified Purchase
I think i wrote a review on this pencil a while back giving it 4 stars, but my opinion has changed. This pencil is as close to my sense of perfect as is possible. I would have liked it to have a big eraser on the back, as the one that it has in tiny. I like the grip- hard metal, but stays well in my hand. The kuru toga system is not perfect, because I write in cursive, but it better than a pencil without it. I just like this pencil in general- I've bought 3.

March 7, 2014
I really like this highlighter...
Verified Purchase
I really like this highlighter. I don't use highlighters very frequently, but when I do, this is my choice. A really good color as well, bright enough to draw my eyes to the area, but not so dark it is hard to read pencil underneath. It's still working after 2 years, but the ink isn't quite so wet, so I will repurchase soon.

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March 7, 2014
Lovely smooth ink- but...
Verified Purchase
Lovely smooth ink- but these run out very quickly. I had these .5's in a couple colors. With heavy note taking, 5-6 of these ran out in 2 weeks, so not great for that purpose. That being said, I love the uni-ball line.

September 13, 2013
My favorite highlighter!...
Verified Purchase
My favorite highlighter! Not too dark or light, and it lasted through two years of heavy usage. doesn't bleed through pages heavily either. Reordered in yellow.

September 13, 2013
This pencil case is great...
Verified Purchase
This pencil case is great for people who like to see everything neatly placed. It displays everything very well.
but after a year of heavy usage, all the netted compartments and straps inside have loosened to the point that things are falling out - flash drive, lead, and pencils all mashed together. The outside pockets are the same. It was nice while it lasted, but I'm going back to Normadic

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January 26, 2012
I love both the kuru...
I love both the kuru toga and alpha gel lines that Uniball has out, so I thought I would try this combination of the two.

I like the grip. Defiantly not as squishy as the regular alpha gels (like the Uni-ball Alpha Gel HD Shaka Shaker Pencil), but I prefer this one because it is not s squishy as to make you have an unstable grip, but is still more comfortable than a standard kuru toga.

So far has been working just fine. I write in cursive, so this may not be as effective as writing in print, but I still like it. One of my 2 kuru togas got blocked up and I wasn't able to clear it so I had to throw it away. Will update on the lasting power later.

I like the product. Only thing I could suggest would be having metal instead of a coating on plastic on the shiny section in the middle since that scratches easily. Oh, and also having a price cut. This is kinda expensive.

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March 18, 2011
Great pen/pencil. very...
Verified Purchase
Great pen/pencil. very slim and small. The one trouble that i have had is how to put new lead into it. any suggestions?

March 8, 2011
This pencil is very good....
Verified Purchase
This pencil is very good. The grip is soft and the shaker mechanism works well. However, the grip collects grit and other stuff inside my pencil pouch(even though i keep my pouch clean!), which bothers me. The grip is more grey than black. This is one of my go to pencils currently.

March 8, 2011
Very good eraser! it...
Verified Purchase
Very good eraser! it is perfect for students. the eraser inside is good quality, though it runs out fast. i personally think that if the plastic was opaque and a little bit heavier, it would look slightly less cheap. However, for 1.50 it is good.

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