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I own both these and...
December 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
I own both these and the Tachikawa G-Pen nibs, so pretty much both ends of the spectrum. While the G-Pen nibs are flexible and have very nice ink flow, these are much harder and I'm not terribly impressed with the ink flow. I was doing some warm-up drawing, getting a feel for these and working the shakes out of my hand, and I couldn't draw a line longer than maybe 4 1/2 to 5 inches without it skipping. Did not matter how hard I pressed, either. I tried it both before and after lighting the tip and the results were the same. I decided to try and ink a full drawing with it anyways, though (For comparison, I use an ink that is very cleanable with plain ol' water, so I wasn't letting my pen gunk up and then wondering what was wrong).

On the plus side though, the lines I did make with this were very nice. I would like to try the soft version of this nib and see just how fine the lines could become. I was able to get down to about half the width of my pencil lines and added details that none of my other pens would have done or done as well. As long as I was careful, cleaned it often and took my time, the skipping was not too big of an issue in the test image I did. That being said I would still be very cautious to use this on something bigger or something I was serious about inking perfectly. The more you have to fix lines, the more imperfections there will be, and that's my biggest takeaway from this nib.

If you're interested in a maru nib, make sure you want a hard version and not a soft version, because Tachikawa makes those too.
I draw quite a bit, so...
July 1, 2013
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I draw quite a bit, so having a good white pen for 'shines' is important to me. The Gelly Roll works pretty well, probably the best pen I've found so far (not that it's had much competition). The ink is thin enough that it's not too cakey, but thick enough that one good layer of it does the job. The only big problem I've really had is that the ink I use on my drawings is NOT compatible with this at all (the ink is not water-proof, but is alcohol marker proof). Thank God I tested it before using it on a real drawing, the pen swirls about the ink as if it were dipped in black. If used with other Sakura pens though, it works like a charm. Overall, good pen.
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I draw manga and occasionally...
February 15, 2013
Verified Purchase
I draw manga and occasionally color them, so a good white gel pen is handy to have. This, is not. For small shines in the eyes it's alright, the flow of the ink is generally okay, but it seems very runny. I have to use multiple coats to get it pure white over dry marker ink and God forbid I try to use it to make a minor touch up. It takes forever to dry, which is problematic seeing as you need at least two coats for opaque white ink. Overall, I wouldn't pay $2.50 + Shipping to get this again. Not worth the effort to use.
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