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Reviews Written by bboyjuice

October 27, 2011
This is pencil is BEAST....
This is pencil is BEAST. This silver finished Rotring is much smoother than it's matte black counterpart. The pencil is heavy yet balanced, and the grip gives maximum control (although it is a bit smaller than I can stand to use for more than a couple hours). Otherwise, this is a beautiful pencil that looks like a dentist tool.

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October 27, 2011
I meant to say that The...
I meant to say that The platinum pro-use II looks much thicker than my rotring's grip, which I why I just ordered one. But still I really enjoy the look and feel of the silver .35 rotring.

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October 27, 2011
I have the .35 mm Rotring...
I have the .35 mm Rotring 600 in black and silver. One thing to note is that the finish on the silver Rotring is much smoother. Also, the my black knurled grip tends to get noticeably dirtier than the silver grip, although this is a minor nuance. The pencil itself is very solid with little play. I've even taken a lit match to the body of both Rotrings (don't ask).

It is by far the heaviest writing utensil I own, and I wish the grip was a bit thicker. I find my hand cramping a bit after extended the Platinum Pro-Use II which I just ordered. Otherwise, this pencil is very cool yet professional looking, and should be great for drafting. Personally, I've used it for detailed Japanese and math work. I don't even bother with the tiny eraser, as the Mitsubishi boxy eraser does an amazing job.

Overall, this pencil is clean and modern with some serious craftmanship...I'm hoping to compare it to the Steadtler 925 and Platinum Pro-Use II very soon. In other words, you should probably get it.