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Reviews Written by rebeccaleehorton1984

July 24, 2014
I have this pencil and...
Verified Purchase
I have this pencil and I'm back on here because I want another. I lost the little top part to the pencil, which is the eraser. The awesome thing is, that even though I lost the top part, it's still functional!! The lead doesn't come out through the top, it goes in the middle of the pencil...which I think is awesome. The pen bends to get the lead out and when you're furiously writing on an exam and it's timed--every second counts. Stopping in the middle of a problem to push the top for lead is annoying...this is way more efficient. I love this pencil and I am very picky because my fingers hurt a lot (because I write with so much pressure). Either way you write, the rubber grip is quite comfortable. It's my go to pencil these days...and between Organic Chemistry and Calc based Physics...this pencil has been my right hand man.

June 14, 2012
Will never buy normal...
Verified Purchase
Will never buy normal lead again! THis lead rocks hard! It comes in a badass case too, so I can find it in any bag! Love it! Color is dark and hardly breaks as much as other 4B ive tried. Thanks jetpens!

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June 14, 2012
A wonderfully comfy pen....
A wonderfully comfy pen. I've been ssearching for years for a pen this soft and gooey around the middle. I have a callous on my finger from the pressure I use when I write--THIS pen has helped so much with the pain I suffer from normal pens. I love this pencil! I bought 4B lead, which is a little soft, but helps me not write as hard becauseit's already dark. I did find the shaking feature cool, but I had a hard time with it, lol. I'm still working it out. Other than that, the grip alone is worth ever dang penny! Eraser is small and the metal barrel will be hard to keep track of, so get another eraser! Thanks again Jetpens!

June 14, 2012
AMAZING MARKER! Wonderful...
AMAZING MARKER! Wonderful colors! Wonderful erasing!! ERASABLE MARKERS!! Love every second of using them, feel like i need to buy more. I will never touch another marker again! They're amazing. There is nothing else to describe. I use them in math class and people look at me like I'm insane! I'm also the coolest in class with an erasable marker! ha!
Thanks Jetpens!

June 14, 2012
OMG! THESE markers are...
OMG! THESE markers are amazing! I love writing with these in Trigonometry! It's the best. They're not super inky--that will bleed through the paper, they're relatively light, but wonderful! COlors are very bright! They erase sooo easily. I'm so impressed, I want to buy another set just as backups when I use the others up--which I will do! Wonderful wonderful. Thank you JetPens, it's the only place you can find them. Great! Check out the frixion pens too, they're also really cool. Best invention ever. Why they don't sell in the US, I'll never know. It's baffling really. <3 Japan, wish we had all the cool stuff big thumbs up to jetpens!

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