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By far better than a...
October 19, 2011
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By far better than a jetstream. L'encre est d'un beau noir foncé, la prise est confortable il est esthétiquement plaisant et il écrit bien LONGTEMPS contrairement au jetsteam qui après 15 min. se met à "skipper". Je suis étudiante et il est parfait pour moi. Une belle ligne mince, mais franche qui le reste même après 1h30 d'écriture non-stop. C'est maintenant mon crayon favoris.
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The colours are really...
May 9, 2011
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The colours are really vibrant, easy to use, very precise. The only bad comment that I could make is that sometimes too much ink goes on the paper, but I remarked that this happens when I leave the cap open for a little time. So don't let these highlighters wait open. Also, be careful if you put the cap on the other side of the pen while you're writing, it's sensible to your movement and can swing to the other way of the class (already happened to me)

But nice appearance, don't take too much place, very beautiful colours and also it's nice to have two size of tips.

I recommend these.
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