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i'm not sure how to rate...
April 25, 2012
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i'm not sure how to rate this pen yet. i used the pentel pocket brush for years, it got a TON of use and i really put it through its paces. eventually, the tip lost it point and i decided to move on instead of replacing it. my biggest complaint about the pentel was the ink. i eventually had to buy specific paper to keep the ink from feathering.

moving on to the kuretaka was a big step because i'm used to more disposable materials. i figured i'd take the plunge if it was durable and from what i could gather everyone seems to love it. immediately, i liked the ink more. the sable hair tip is even more like using a real brush (which i still use) than the pentel.

here's my complaint though. only had the pen for a few months and the tip is already garbage. it no longer gives the thin lines i like, like old blown-out brushes. i don't know. pretty disappointed. not too thrilled about forking out another $30 + to get a new tip when i've only had a few months, especially since the pen is nearly $70.

did i get a defective brush tip?
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