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Reviews Written by togotooner

March 24, 2012
Dry as a BONE!!! I'm...
Verified Purchase
Dry as a BONE!!! I'm not sue how these pens rated so high after I ordered two and BOTH were dry as a bone straight out of the package. I had to open them up and add a ton of Noodler's Black ink just to make them usable. Now I can use them for very fine detailed work and on long but slow, deliberate strokes. The fact that I can at least add ink to them does indeed prove helpful.

Understanding that these are classified as "super fine" I didn't expect a really juicy line, but these were really dry.

There are too many other choices out there. Pass on these, unless you want to fill them up with your own ink.

November 3, 2011
What makes the Zebras...
Verified Purchase
What makes the Zebras a step above my previous favorite Uniball brush pen is the mere fact that they are re-usable!
All I did to mine was remove the back cover, tap out the sponge reservoir and drop some PERMANENT ink into the sponge with a dropper (took just about 5 drops to really saturate it) and the pen was back in action with the added bonus of permanent ink!!

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November 2, 2011
I have changed my opinion...
Verified Purchase
I have changed my opinion to rate it a bit higher, I have used these more, I have really begun to respect them and appreciate how much ink they really do hold in comparison to a standard dip pen. If the folks at Tachikawa can use the same reservoir on an equally flexible but less scratchy nib,....I would buy their entire inventory!!!!
C'mon Tachikawa,'re so close to the perfection on this!!!

NOTE: The nibs are indeed flexy, but still a bit scratchy for my taste. The ink capacity is fantastic with the right ink!!!

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November 2, 2011
Love the color and it...
Verified Purchase
Love the color and it truly is a nice holder! It's a specialty holder, but one that will be enjoyed nevertheless.

November 2, 2011
Best holder out there!...
Verified Purchase
Best holder out there! It's a pleasure to use and has a great balance and weight in the hand. I won't use any other holder for my Tank Masters.

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February 23, 2011
FINALLY!!!! Now when...
FINALLY!!!! Now when I add this amazing lead to my Kuru Toga rotating pencil, I have the ultimate drawing tool. I've always loved the soft leads,..but they would dull really fast,.....this is a problem NO MORE!!!! PERFECT!!!! If they come out with the 6B,...I'll even be happier!!!

January 6, 2011
There's not much to dislike...
Verified Purchase
There's not much to dislike about this pencil! I absolutely love it! The fact that it has two different pen colors is an added bonus, but I bought it for my drawing pencil. I wanted a classy pencil with some weight at an affordable price point. That was a tall order. Being a multi pen gives it just enough heft and the pencil mechanism is sweet!

LOVE it! Can't beat the beautiful art design on it either! I chose the wise old owl.

July 22, 2010
As I continue to use...
Verified Purchase
As I continue to use this pen,...I'm learning to appreciate it more. This is really a wonderful tool that seems to be flying under the radar. A really nice and juicy line too and a Xfine line can be accomplished with a little bit of effort. (I must raise my previous grade up a notch)

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July 22, 2010
This nib is not what...
Verified Purchase
This nib is not what I had hoped for. It held a fair amount of ink,....but not nearly as much as I was lead to believe. The biggest disappointment was the scratchiness of the point.
It was painful to use on anything other than specially coated board.

The point was way to fine and didn't have much flex due to the reservoir being so close to the tips.

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July 16, 2010
My experience with this...
My experience with this marker has been nothing short of awful.

A big let down and the variable width line that it proclaims to offer is nominal at best and even after much care and effort is put into the angle of which one writes.

Seems like an overpriced marker to me. Others obviously disagree,..but I'm just expressing my experiences with it.