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Reviews Written by evsoldier7

May 15, 2011
Overall, I liked this...
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Overall, I liked this eraser, but be sure to cut down the holder and erase with little pressure. The cardboard holder cut into mine and caused it to fall apart in chunks. Then as I would erase more pieces would just randomly crack off, even after I cut the holder. Anyways, the clumping works well but still too many pieces for me personally, and the erasers ability to actually erase is great. I reccomend this eraser, but I have been having a much more enjoyable exprence with the BOXY. :)

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May 2, 2011
This is a fantastic pencil!...
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This is a fantastic pencil! I bought this pencil as it has a very aesthetically pleasing design, and Uni-ball is a great pencil/pen maker. It knurled grip is very comfortable, and I personally have not found a position when writing where it is even remotely painful. The lead it comes with is Uni's NanoDia and it is strong, and smooth, it isn't the darkest lead, but it good enough for my everyday printing and cursive. The build quality is very good to excellent, the shift mechanism is smooth and easy to use. The body is made out of red plastic and it feels a little soft but it is durable and should hold up to most reasonable stresses. It's weight is centered more towards the bottom but is by no means unbalanced, and to me at least, is of a perfect weight.

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