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The drafting pencil's...
December 15, 2011
The drafting pencil's biggest upside is definitely how durable and virtually unbreakable it is. I have a tendency to kind of...beat up my pencil cases throughout the year because I bring it with me everywhere. It gets scribbled on, dropped, lost several times, and the reoccurring event of exploding pens. =_= (It always happens and I don't know why)

My other mechanical pencils, erasers, etc break into several pieces or gets so contaminated with lead I can not use it anymore. BUT this pencil NEVER EVER breaks or even dents. I was amazed by the pencil! :O

BUUUUUT there is a big disadvantage too. Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't get used to holding it. Mainly because the grip is slippery and strange to the fingers.
I think it's hilarious that any erasable writing utensil always gets an eraser unfit for how much the person will use it. The eraser is suuuuper tiny! Seriously, not even a centimeter. It goes away quick. Sure you can get refills but every week?

Overall, GREAT durability but kinda awkward to hold~
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