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Reviews Written by wrtyler

February 3, 2011
This is the pen that...
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This is the pen that got me interested in using fountain pens again. After using a fat body Waterman and cheapo Shaeffer years ago with medium nibs, I didn't think much of fountain pens.

The thin body and fine Japanese nib were a revelation to me. I didn't know such fountain pens existed.

I found the first on in the Maido store in San Francisco about a year ago and immediately ordered two more from JetPens for my son and daughter.

However, all three of us have found that the pen doesn't travel well. The pen doens't hold up will when being bounced around in backpacks across college campuses or walking to work. All three have developed the same leak around the nib.

I spent some time cleaning mine up and readjusting the nib, but the problem returned in a couple of weeks.

Also, the cap doesn't sit firmly on the back of the pen, so has a tendency to fall off when writing, especially the longer we used the pens. the pen as an introduction to what a Japanese fine nib fountain pen can be, but I can't recommend it for the long haul, nor as a traveling pen.