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This is the first fountain...
December 11, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is the first fountain pen that I have owned and it sold me. This pen is fantastic, I love writing with it and now I have 4. I like to keep one for each of my favorite colors of ink, so that I can switch without having to swap cartridges or converters. This pen is so nice that I now have a new hobby and jet pens is the only place that I shop to feed that need. I love this site. At first I couldn't believe that people actually wrote reviews for ink pens!

Now I get it and I'm doing it too.

This pen leaves a very nice clean line that dries quickly. I personally like thin clean lines, even my pencils are 3mm for clean lines. This pen doesn't scratch enough to damage the paper but it scratches enough to give me that "fountain pen" feedback that makes writing with one feel cool.

Highly recommend this pen to anyone, and in fact I do all the time. I also recommend jet pens too.
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