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I purchased this binder...
July 8, 2012
I purchased this binder at a local Japanese bookstore last year and have no regrets. The cover is made of a relatively thick and rigid board material and the fabric covering and metal corners only add to the binder's overall quality and durability. The inner binder ring mechanism works flawlessly and seems designed to withstand repetitive operation.

I sent in a product request and I'm glad JetPens has finally stocked this particular line of A5 loose leaf binders and papers since I've completely switched over to various loose-leaf papers in general. I prefer the portability and readability of the smaller A5 paper size (5.8" x 8.3" in.) and compared to the B5 paper size (6.9" x 9.8") I have less wasted space. In addition, the distinctly smooth surface of the Kokuyo-Campus paper is a pleasure to write on.
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My FAVORITE mechanical...
February 14, 2008
My FAVORITE mechanical pencil lead! I bought some of these refill leads at a Japanese bookstore once, and they quickly became my favorite. I just saw the JetPens newsletter and I'm SO glad JetPens now stocks them!

I usually replace the leads that come with my mechanical pencils with these superior Hi-Density leads by Mitsubishi. These HB leads to write very smoothly...I do a lot of drawings on recycled sketch pads, and other HB leads have a tendency to "scratch" and tear the paper. And another plus is that they are less prone to breaking. I highly recommend trying these if you want a excellent quality everyday-use lead! The best 0.3 leads available!
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I like Tombow products,...
January 31, 2008
I like Tombow products, but I think this eraser goes too fast. I agree with the other reviewer...get the Paper Mate "Tuff Stuff" Eraser Stick instead. Tombow has the advantage of being thinner but the Tuff Stick on the other hand is firm and lasts a VERY long time and can still eraser fine detail.
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This is my favorite colored...
January 31, 2008
This is my favorite colored pencil lead...I must have gone through 3 containers already. It's also called "Mint Blue" and is bluish-green in color and very relaxing to the eyes. It's rather soft and breaks easily so use less pressure.
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I was drawn to the Ohto...
January 31, 2008
Verified Purchase
I was drawn to the Ohto Body Knock design concept because as much as I love mechanical pencils I hate having to click the end of the pencil to advance the lead. I usually use mechanical pencils with a thumb lead advance button, but this looked like a more sophisticated design. When I received the Ohto Body Knock, it definitely has a very attractive look to it and a nice weight which feels like a quality made pencil.

However, I'm VERY disappointed with it's performance, and I agree with the points made by the previous reviewer. I thought advancing the lead would be near effortless, but instead you need to have a secure grip of the upper and lower rubber grip sections which is difficult to achieve. I believe they should have designed the pencil with more pronounced sections for the fingers to have something to "hook" onto.

But most disappointing is that in use, it's quite a hassle to even get the lead to advance! Sometimes the lead will only advance if I hold the pencil rotated a specific way. Also, now and then, the pencil will get stuck (parts won't move) in mid-use and I'll have to stop what I'm doing to fix the problem. It's as if the inner parts have gone rusty. The pencil is really not what I expected to be, and it actually caused me more frustration than anything else.

Maybe I got a bad apple but overall I don't recommend getting this pencil!
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