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Reviews Written by jswope

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Palomino Blackwing Pencil - 602 - Pack of 12 - PALOMINO 103180 BUNDLE
  I find the 602 to be..., December 27, 2011
I find the 602 to be harder and less dark than regular Palomino Blackwings. The 602 series are more faithful to the original Eberhart Faber Blackwings in lead content as well as design. I really like these for sketching where I use the darker Blackwing more for shading or life drawing they’re both very smooth pencils. I was surprised that the eraser works very well and is removable on a lot of pencils I find the erasers more of an afterthought and I need to carry a separate one. Over all there a great pencil all the ones I’ve tried had nicely centered lead cores.
Palomino Blackwing Pencil - Pack of 12 - PALOMINO 103196 BUNDLE
  I find these are really..., December 27, 2011
I find these are really nice for shading they are very dark compared to most other pencils I’ve tried but there also very soft so there not my first choice for sketching. The erasers actually pretty good and also removable so that comes in pretty handy. It’s a very well made pencil the lead cores been dead center all the ones I’ve tried. I’m definitely going to keep a few in my pencil box from now on.
Kuretake Manga Pen Ink - 60 ml Bottle - Black - KURETAKE CE100-6
  This lays down a very..., December 27, 2011
This lays down a very black line compared to a lot of inks I’ve used and works well with a nib or a brush my only issue is I wouldn’t go over it with a alcohol based marker but if you’re going to leave it black and white or color it digitally I have zero complaints about this ink. I also find the wide base of the bottle very hand for avoiding spills and the wide opening is great for brushes.
Zebra Comic Pen Nib - G Model - Chrome - Pack of 10 - ZEBRA PG-6C-C-K
  I’ve tried many different..., December 27, 2011
I’ve tried many different types of nibs for drawing and I really like these a lot, they have a great amount of flexibility and line variation they also hold a decent amount of ink. The other G nibs I’ve tried are nice as well but I prefer the Zebra ones they seem to retain their ability to do very fine line for longer than the other types I’ve tried. If you’re interested in inking or comics or cartooning I’d recommend give these a shot.
Brause 66 Extra Fine Arrow Calligraphy Pen Nib - Extra Fine Point - BRAUSE B66
  I’ve been trying different..., December 27, 2011
I’ve been trying different nibs for drawing purposes and this one dose a nice job. It’s got a good range of line widths and can do a pretty fine line for such a flexible nib. I mostly use Zebra G nibs and this one feels a bit more flexible so the line quality may be a bit tough to keep consistent at first vs. a more rigid nib but it works really well if you get used to it.
1 to 5 (of 5 )