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Reviews Written by yellowbambootree

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Tombow Zoom 101 Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen - Fine Nib  - TOMBOW FP-CDZ14-F
  I really enjoy writing..., May 24, 2013
I really enjoy writing with this pen. The nib is smooth and lays down a good wet line. I expected the pen to feel plasticy (yes, I like making new words) but it feels more like a really well polished wood but much lighter. This pen has only one problem and which is that even the fine writes a line as thick as a western medium. I personaly had the nib tuned to write thinner and now its just the best possible pen you can imagine. For some reason Jetpens is selling this WAY more than some other retailers. Even Tombow's website is selling it for $55 less than Jetpens. I got mine for about $150 with shipping and a converter from England. The pen it self is just amazing if your okay with the width
Staedtler Triplus Micro 774 Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - STAEDTLER 774 25
  I did not buy this from..., April 30, 2013
I did not buy this from jetpens but since it didn't have any reviews I decided to right one.

-Rubber spring looking thing at back gives the pencil a nice futuristic feel
-Very durable. Mine has not stopped working after a significant amount of abuse.
-Although its eraser is small in diameter its long and gets the job done
-The body feels very cheap
-Putting lead in it feels awkward

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slims Gel Ink Multi Pen Refill - 0.4 mm - Black - PILOT LHRF-20C4-B
  Perfect. Not too scratchy..., April 13, 2013
Perfect. Not too scratchy but not too smooth which causes bad handwriting.

I have 3 Zebra Sharbo X LT3 (green, orange and, gray ). They fit perfectly. This pen is just magnificent.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slims Gel Ink Multi Pen Refill - 0.4 mm - Black - PILOT LHRF-20C4-B
  Excellent refill. Thin..., April 13, 2013
Excellent refill. Thin line, not too smooth that could make your writing bad and not too scratchy which makes you slow and inconsistent like the 0.3.
Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain Eraser Small - Black - Pack of 2 - PENTEL XZEAH062A
  Extremely good erase..., April 13, 2013
Extremely good eraser.
Sun-Star Bode Electric Eraser - Black - SUN-STAR S4218957
  Erases very well and..., April 13, 2013
Erases very well and accurately but only half the eraser bit can be used.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slims Gel Ink Multi Pen Refill - 0.3 mm - Black - PILOT LHRF-20C3-B
  Just horrible. I LOVE..., April 3, 2013
Just horrible. I LOVE super fine tip pens but this refill does not work. I got 8 of these and so far 4 dont work and when they do its a faded double point gray line.
Seed Slendy + Super Slim Knock Eraser I - Black Body - SEED EH-S-K
  The guy in the pic has..., March 30, 2013
Zebra Sharbo X Multi Pen SBX Mechanical Pencil Component - 0.3 mm - ZEBRA SB-X-3-B1
  It does its job well...., March 30, 2013
It does its job well. Also it lets out less lead than normal mech pencils per click making it perfect for 0.3
Kokuyo Dual Head Keshipita Correction Tape - 4 mm X 10 m - KOKUYO TW-M284
  Very good! It just perfect..., March 30, 2013
Very good! It just perfect and most importantly dosent fall apart
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