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P+G Obk Co-In Silicone Coin Case - Type B - P+G OBK COIN B
  Holds all my change and..., February 6, 2013
Holds all my change and has this cute/silly horrified expression while doing it!
Tombow Ippo Interlocking Pencil Cap - Pink Group - Pack of 4 - TOMBOW PC-SJW-PINK
  I use these to help keep..., February 6, 2013
I use these to help keep my pencil case a little bit cleaner. So far, so good. It even fits over a square pencil I have (!!).
P+G Nuu Silicone Multi Pouch - Red - P+G NUU RD
  Red and yellow is one..., February 6, 2013
Red and yellow is one of my favorite color combos, so I was thrilled to get this little pouch! It smells a bit when you first get it (almost vinegar-y). Thankfully the smell goes away after leaving it out in the open for a while.

I use it to hold tissues, ibuprofen, tea bags, and any other misc stuff I don't want to get lost in the abyss that is my bag.
Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Yellow Ocher - DONGA MIFFY 24
  This pen's ink has a..., February 6, 2013
This pen's ink has a really lovely color. However, sometimes the ink skips a little bit when I first start using it, and I didn't notice any scent. Overall a decent pen if you want thin lines in a neat color!
Kuretake Handmade Envelope Template - Japanese Version - KURETAKE SBTP12-20
  I bought this to make..., October 31, 2012
I bought this to make cool envelopes to send to my friends. This template works well, but be careful: it can get pretty addicting/meditative!
Uni-ball Signo MF3 2 Color 0.5 mm Gel Ink Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Black Body - UNI MUE405T.24
  This is my go-to pen/cil..., October 19, 2012
This is my go-to pen/cil for when I can only carry a few things while out sketching. The gel pens are a pleasure to use (waterproof when dry, the norm for the Signo line), but like another reviewer stated, DEFINITELY have some refills stashed somewhere! I was also pleased to see that the red was a true red, not pink or orange-y.
Kuretake Disposable Pocket Brush Pen - Extra Fine - KURETAKE PK1-10
  I always tuck one of..., October 19, 2012
I always tuck one of these into my jetpens cart, can't get enough of it! 8) I can mash the stiff tip as much as I want and still get thin as well as thicker lines. Unlike other reviewers, I don't mind the dryness when you make a long/fast stroke. It adds interest/texture to the line.

It's waterproof and can stand up to copic markers (if you're into that thing).
Sun-Star Kadomaru Pro Corner Cutter - SUN-STAR S4765036
  It does what it says..., October 19, 2012
It does what it says it does! As long as you line up the edges of the paper to the edges leading into the punch, you'll get pretty rounded corners every time. The bottom of the cutter can be removed easily so you can discard the paper bits (or use it as confetti! huzzah!).

I've even used it with 140lb watercolor paper and it worked perfectly! Though I'm not sure if using this cutter with thick paper frequently would be a good idea...

BTW, it's 9.5 cm long, 8 cm wide, and 4.5 cm tall.
1 to 8 (of 8 )