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Perfect. If you're buying...
December 6, 2012
Perfect. If you're buying this, you're already in a predicament. You want to fix your broken pencil...You can either spend $10 or $40.
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Awkward. My one complaint...
December 5, 2012
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Awkward. My one complaint is with the weight. Super heavy grip, super light end. I own a Rotring 600 and a Pentel Graph 1000 which are fabulously weighted but of course they are slightly more expensive. The pencil would be perfect if they made the shaft just slightly thicker and in aluminum or something a little more substantial than just thin plastic. Had to give it away. Other than that I have no complaints. Sturdy, good design. It's so close. But if you're not so critical on balance, and more on just having a decent drafting pencil, you'll like it. Good thing? It's cheap.
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