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Reviews Written by trodel

July 25, 2008
Pentel makes really great...
Pentel makes really great MPs and the Function 357 is no exception. The tip selector slider mechanisms are well-designed, clearly marked, and so smooth. These are spring-loaded and just glide into place. I load mine with .7mm 2B, .5mm HB, and .3mm 2H leads for drawing. Useful and great fun!!

July 25, 2008
The Pilot Eno Neox are...
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The Pilot Eno Neox are fantastic!! The BEST of the colored MP leads I've found. I have these in Blue, Red, Green, Orange, and Violet. Excellent quality, GREAT colors! Highly recommended!

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July 25, 2008
Pentel Ain is a good...
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Pentel Ain is a good quality lead, but know what you're getting into with a 2B lead in a .3mm. The lead practically evaporates from the sleeve when you write or sketch with it.

An HB lead in .3mm is much better and is nearly as dark. Love their darker leads in .5mm and up, though.