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Reviews Written by tarueka88

March 13, 2011
It is good that the grip...
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It is good that the grip part feels comfortable ...but it is difficult to control this pencil because of the grip part for drafting and sometimes even for daily writing. The design is quite fancy though.

Score : 73/100

March 13, 2011
My second favorite 0.3mm...
Verified Purchase
My second favorite 0.3mm mechanical pencil! The design is pretty fancy and slim. The interesting feature is that you can control how much lead will out, but you may not end up using this feature a lot. I would consider this to be more durable than pentel graph 1000(my first favorite). The grip part may be good for preventing slipping, but it feels uncomfortable if you use it for a long time.

Out of 100, I would give 86 for the score.

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March 13, 2011
I have had this model...
I have had this model nearly for 10 years now. Whenever it broke, I would order this same model again. It took 3 years for it to have paint slightly chipped off(only on the edge of the pencil) from the surface. Considering that I use this mechanical pencil everyday, it is very durable. If there is anything that bothered me bit was the grip part. The grip part may feel too hard on the surface when you are using this for the first time.
If I have to score this mechanical pencil out of 100, I would give it 92.

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