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This is a great little...
January 24, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is a great little pen. It writes very smoothly and is very comfortable to write with despite its small size. I have no complaints about the quality of the writing experience, but a few about the cosmetics of the pen. There are two small seams, one on the bottom part of the cap and one towards the bottom of the body, that are probably leftover from the manufacturing process. These seams tend to pick up dirt and grime, which probably wouldn't be that noticeable if the pen wasn't white. It really bugs the perfectionist bit of my brain. My second complaint might be due to a bit of carelessness on my part, but my pen has acquired two or three pretty deep scratches. My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari, and its plastic has held up extremely well over years of daily use and often careless handling. This being my second plastic pen, I assumed it had the same degree of durability as my Safari. In my experience, this is not the case.

Despite these two small, obsessive nitpicks, this pen is really a delight to write with and a great purchase.
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December 17, 2011
I bought this pen around a year ago, and I've used it pretty much every day. It writes like a dream, and drawing with it's pretty good. Replacing the cartridges is very easy, which is good, since this pen seems to go through a good amount of ink. During my heaviest periods of use, I probably replace the cartridge once a month or so. (Note that the ink in the standard Lamy cartridges isn't waterproof. A converter can solve that though.) Also, the nib can be changed out fairly easily. I like the Fine size, though I don't actually find it to be particularly fine, probably around 0.7mm. Overall a great everyday pen at a great price. (I paid about ten dollars more for mine.)
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