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Reviews Written by shindasagatanasu

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Kuretake Zig Brush Style Highlighter Pen - Green - KURETAKE BH-55-113
  Highlighters that end..., September 2, 2009
Highlighters that end up pooling a bunch of ink at the beginning and end of what you're highlighting is a big pet peeve of mine. This highlighter does not pool at all! The ink flow is consistent from beginning to end of a stroke. Color wise, the highlighter is wonderful. It's a little more fluorescent than in the picture [but that may just be my monitor]. I truly dislike highlighters that put out too much ink and produce such a dark highlight that the words are a little hard to make out from under the color. The brush style of this highlighter helps for precision in highlighting [or doodling on your paper] which is very nice and it's very easy to use. The tip isn't too flexible nor too hard, it's just right. Definitely a great highlighter to have on hand for school or the workplace. I just wish that there was a clip on the cap instead of just a bar sticking out to prevent it from rolling off the table. I'd like to be able to stick the highlighter into one of the pen slots in my bag without worrying about it falling out.
Uni Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 mm - Black Ink - White Body - UNI SXN15005.24
  I am quite pleased with..., September 2, 2009
I am quite pleased with this pen's quality, especially at such a cheap price. The ink flows smoothly and the line is thin and nice. However, for those with sloppy handwriting, I don't think this is the right pen due to the fact that it's so smooth. As for me, I'm very pleased because I have fairly nice penmanship and the pen glide over the paper well, despite the very sharp 0.5 point. There's practically no grip, it's just a very [VERY] thin layer of rubber, but that's not a problem for me. I find the pen quite comfortable and I have been able to even produce a nice ballpoint pen drawing from it without my hand hurting at all [being an artist, my hand is quite sensitive to different pressures and it starts hurting a lot if strained]. This pen is well worth the money... so for someone looking for nice pens at a cheap price, this Jetstream is very nice to have.
Uni Jetstream Sport Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Blue Ink - UNI SXN-157S BLUE
  I was extremely surprised..., September 2, 2009
I was extremely surprised at how wonderful this pen writes. When I ordered this pen, despite all the good reviews, I was a little wary due to the not-so-elaborate look of the pen. To my surprise, the pen worked wonderfully! Just as others have said, this pen is extremely smooth, even when writing on just a thin piece of paper on a wood desk. The ink flows nicely and the pen does not skip. Although the grip isn't really a grip at all, it's quite comfortable to hold. I was also a little fearful of the 0.7mm size because I prefer thin, 0.5mm pens most of the time, but the lines were very close to that of the 0.5 Jetstream I ordered. The ink color is quite appealing as well. Most other blue pens do tend to have the light, faded blue color, but this one has a very dark and bold blue, not quite the dark blue of a gel ink or liquid pen [I don't like the latter very much]. For anyone looking for a simple, light, smooth blue pen, this is a great pen to get.
Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Ink Pen - White Ink - UNI UM153.1
  This pen is definitely..., September 2, 2009
This pen is definitely the best white pen for artists. I use Copics and I've been looking all over for a white pen where the ink will withstand the Copic substances and not change color and dull as it dries... and I've finally found it! I have another Uni-ball Signo that doesn't match up to this one at all. When I use the other one, the ink changes color and looks really disgusting [I figured I might as well start using white out]. However, this pen is really amazing. The ink lays down very smoothly [although a smidge thicker than I'd like, but that's due to the broad tip]. I just wish that this pen came in a smaller point size for more detailed work. That's really my only complaint since I do a lot of detailed work. The UM-153 is definitely worth the buy! Perhaps I shall order the box of 10... The ink works very well over colored pencil as well [even on waxy Prismacolors]! I really like this pen and hope to see Jetpens carry maybe something as great as it, but perhaps with a smaller tip? :)
1 to 4 (of 4 )