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Reviews Written by redge1980

April 21, 2011
Totally agree that this...
Verified Purchase
Totally agree that this pen makes a worthy alternative to the Pilot Hi-Tech C pens - which are my all time favorites. The ink is smooth and I haven't had the roller ball stall while writing. A great plus is that unlike the Hi-Tech's I don't have to worry about bending the tip out of shape if i accidentally drop it.

May 8, 2005
Being a med student I'm...
Verified Purchase
Being a med student I'm pretty demanding about notetaking and these pens are the absolute best. I've been using them ever since high school, but since they aren't readily available in the US would either have to wait for friends to bring them back from Japan or go to JapanTown in San Francisco for them. They write amazingly well with crisp thin lines, no smudging, and no bleeding through pages. Use these pens once and you'll be hooked.