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Reviews Written by mypetitecakes

April 19, 2011
really cute and simple!...
Verified Purchase
really cute and simple!
it was smaller than expected, but it doesn't affect the pen's body :)

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April 10, 2011
i like the pen.. but...
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i like the pen..
but i think i got the color pink :(

March 18, 2011
the best pencil case...
Verified Purchase
the best pencil case i've had so far!
it's very comfortable to carry around and super cute
and it's so cute everyone asks "whered you get that pencil case?!?!"
the only problem was it got dirty in like a week. x)
but i just used stain remover to take of the really grimy parts and it worked out fine.

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November 28, 2010
i haven't bought the...
i haven't bought the product but im planning on getting it,
reply to the last review : i cut my pencil's like this too, except with scissors, there's nothing wrong with the way it is cut, i actually prefer cutting my pencil's like that (:
but yeah. i does look like a potato peeler xD

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November 26, 2010
omg! (: my friend had...
Verified Purchase
omg! (: my friend had this and i thought it was AMAZING!
so i decided to get it and it's ahmazing! (: haha!
i would DEF. recommend it!~ it's really really cool~