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Excellent Fountain Pen....
November 4, 2012
Excellent Fountain Pen. The Brown and Black Marbled color is quite nice, I Love it. I'm using it with Diamine Saddle Brown Ink in a CON-20 converter.

It's barrel is a bit larger than the Pilot Cavalier Single colored and I've read it can take a CON-50 Converter, which I have not tried yet. The golden Pilot Fine nib is identical to the Pilot Cavalier single colored.. They are basically the same except larger barrel which should accommodate a CON-50, and it's barrel color is very very nice. Both Excellent Fountain Pens. The nib is lightly flexible, and does not scratch.

The cap doesn't click when posted like the regular Cavalier. No skipping or problems with it /ink/ at writing.
Great Fountain Pen. Thin...
November 4, 2012
Great Fountain Pen. Thin Barrel, for a fountain pen. Nice Red Color. Solid, well made. The Cap click on when closed, AND with the cap is posted when in use. So, it stays there.

Used as my everyday pen. Depending on paper and ink, the writing/lines can be thick a bit.. but that's not the pens' fault, even then, lines are still thin and nice.

The nib can be forced upon to get much thicker lines if needed, but I prefer fine lines, so this pens is quite good.

I've used it with the pilot black cartridge and Diamine Syrah ink with a CON-20 converter. It works well either way.

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