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Pilot Fountain Pen CON-50 Converter - PILOT 69899
  The new CON-50 converter..., December 30, 2013
The new CON-50 converter design with the moveable 'weight' is superior to the original piston converter which had problems. With the old design, ink would often get stuck up at the wrong end of the converter and ink flow was affected. Now, with the help of the small, cylindrical weight, gravity will pull the ink down towards the feed nipple when a Pilot pen is moved into the writing position.

Montblanc and Montegrappa also modified their converters in this way several years ago. The weight makes up for a flow problem that often occurs with converters that inhibit the intended exchange between air and ink (L. Waterman realized this need). Many converters are not designed or made correctly and extra air leaks into a converter throwing off the special balance between ink going out and air coming in to replace the ink. If the ink doesn't move back and forth in the converter the way water moves back and forth in a carpenter's level, something is wrong! The new CON-50 helps make up for a converter deficit.

The redesigned CON-50 should fit most cartridge/converter Pilot/Namiki fountain pens, like the 'Capless/Vanishing Point' and Pilot Prera fountain pens.
Pelikan Edelstein Fountain Pen Ink Collection - 50 ml Bottle - Amber - Limited Edition - PELIKAN 339531
  Edelstein amber is a..., August 16, 2013
Edelstein amber is a beautiful color, and it flows smoothly, but it may be too light for some writers who use an extra-fine or fine nib. However, excellent shading can be realized when using a fountain pen fitted with a broad nib.
Monteverde Mini Fountain Pen Converter - MONTEVERDE MV31072
  An excellent, handy converter..., July 17, 2013
An excellent, handy converter that will work in many "cartridge-only" type fountain pens. It works in early versions of the Kaweco Sport fountain pens and it's an alternative to the Kaweco aerometric, squeeze converter for these older pens. Please see my reviews of the Kaweco "squeeze" converter.

Besides using it to fill your pen with bottled ink, this mini-piston converter can be used to clean and flush many small, cartridge-only, fountain pens. Some pens may not have enough space in the barrel for this converter, but the converter will still fit properly on the feed nipple. I have found this converter to be very useful for flushing the nib and feed of several "cartridge-only" fountain pens.

Simply fill a glass with tap water, insert the converter into the feed nipple, as you would an ink cartridge, immerse the nib in the water and pump the piston several times until the water comes out clear. Shake out excess water from the nib and feed and let the nib unit dry before inserting a new cartridge. Cleaning your pen like this will insure that it will continue to work properly.

Kaweco Squeeze Fountain Pen Converter for Sport Series - KAWECO 10000654
  An excellent converter,..., July 17, 2013
An excellent converter, but please note: Early versions of the Kaweco Sport cannot use this converter.

I forgot to mention, in my other review, that JetPens sells a perfect mini-piston converter that will work in the earlier Kaweco Sport fountain pens (please see my other review for details).

If you have an older Kaweco sport, purchase the Monteverde mini-piston converter sold by JetPens. It fits properly in the older Kaweco Sport pens (including the "Chess" model), and it works like a charm.

Thanks to JetPens for their excellent service!
Kaweco Squeeze Fountain Pen Converter for Sport Series - KAWECO 10000654
  The Kaweco aerometric..., July 17, 2013
The Kaweco aerometric converter works well, with several squeezes, and being able to easily use bottled ink is a terrific alternative to cartridges.

One caveat: this converter will not fit in certain, early Kaweco Sport fountain pens. If your fountain pen has a nib with the Kaweco logo, and the nib size abbreviation is engraved as a cursive capital letter, the converter will not fit because the converter's metal sleeve will prevent it from seating properly. Some early versions have the nib size as a cursive capital letter on the side of the nib and the words "Germany since 1883" are engraved above the logo. Also, these nibs may not have a breather hole. It appears that the main identifying feature on these earlier pens seems to be that the nib size was always engraved as a cursive letter.

The converter is supposed to fit snugly inside the section and connect with the feed nipple. This is impossible in the earlier versions of the Kaweco Sport because the feed nipple is further down in the section and the aerometric converter cannot be pushed in deep enough to fit properly. An possible alternative converter, without a metal sleeve, for the earlier models, can be found as a mini-piston type converter, like the "Rosetta Mini Fountain Pen Converter" sold on eBay, but I cannot guarantee that converter will fit all versions of the Kaweco Sport.

The aerometric converter sold by JetPens will seat properly and work correctly with later, newer versions of the Kaweco Sport. At this time, I have identified these models as ones with a nib that has the round Kaweco logo and the words "Germany since 1883" engraved above the logo. The nib size abbreviation on newer Kaweco Sport fountain pens is engraved as a manuscript capital letter (like M for medium) and not a cursive letter. Another indicator of the correct pen is that the nib breather hole is somewhat larger on the newer pens. The main identifying feature on the newer model nibs seems to be that the nib size is engraved as a manuscript capital letter. Please note that the design of this pen could change without notice.

The Kaweco Sport is a wonderful, handy little fountain pen and this aerometric converter makes it even handier.
Pilot Prera Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Ivory Body - PILOT FPR-3SR-I-F
  -Nicely made barrel &..., July 10, 2013
-Nicely made barrel & cap.

-Smooth, almost 'extra-fine' fine nib; excellent ink flow.

-Nib and feed are 'force-fit' and easily removable for thorough cleaning or for nib adjustment.

-Note that the nib & feed are identical to what are found on the Pilot Penmanship and Plumix series of fountain pen.

-Nib and feed are also identical to what are found on the Pilot 78G fountain pen (nib is gold-toned on the 78G).

-'Military-style' clip; pen sits low in the pocket.

-Cap snaps onto barrel securely.

-Cap posts well; with the cap posted, the pen is nicely balanced and a good size for the average hand.

-Works well with the CON-20 aerometric converter, newly re-designed CON-50 piston converter (with sliding weight).

-Works well with Pilot proprietary cartridges.

-Preras are overpriced, in my opinion, in the $50 to $60 range. In Japan, this pen is priced at around $30.

-Price aside, this is a nice, every day fountain pen that should provide excellent service with careful use.

Uni Power Tank Smart Series High Grade Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Silver Body - UNI SS1001PT07.26
  Well-made; solid; great..., June 23, 2013
Well-made; solid; great looking; smooth writer; jet black ink. Although the pen comes fitted with the 0.7 mm cartridge, which writes nicely, I purchased a 1.0 mm cartridge since I often prefer a bolder line, and it's terrific. The Power Tank cartridges perform in a way that is similar to the Fisher Space pens, which I also like. However, some may prefer the feel and look of the Uni writing instrument with its long, ribbed metal barrel and 'click' deployment of the cartridge.
Lamy CP1 Titanium Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Black Body - LAMY L056F
  Regarding the Lamy CP1..., May 13, 2013
Regarding the Lamy CP1 fountain pen (cylindrical pen one):

Excellent, classic, Bauhaus-inspired design.
Solid, slender, sturdy and well-balanced.
Nibs are easily interchangeable (they slide off & on--using double-sided cellophane tape helps to grip the nib), just like nibs on the Safari, AL-Star, Logo, and related designs.
All use the same, excellent, robotically produced and consistent nib shape.
Yes, the fine width nib is close to a medium, but it writes well, the feed has excellent flow, and the fine nib is a good, general purpose width.
My pen came with a Z-26 converter which has an excellent fit to the feed nipple and it works well.
The clip is solid stainless steel (a Lamy innovation), and it's articulated, adjusting nicely to different pocket thickness.
The titanium, black matte CP1 is a terrific fountain pen!
Noodler's Konrad Flex Fountain Pen - Red Mesa Tortoise - NOODLERS 14002
  I must respectfully disagree..., April 3, 2013
I must respectfully disagree with a previous reviewer. The nib and feed on the Konrad Flex fountain pen---and other Noodler's "Flex" pens--must first be cleaned and dried in order for the pen t function properly. After following directions by the pen's designer on youtube, and elsewhere, I had absolutely no problem with this excellent writing instrument.

In order to get the desired flow and 'flex,' the nib and feed must be positioned properly. Once this is accomplished--and it is easy to do--the pen writes well. Flexible nibs generally require more ink, and that may mean your writing must be a bit slower to allow the flow to keep up with laying ink on the paper.

The tines of my Konrad--and other Noodler's "Flex" pens in my collection--were properly aligned and I experienced no more 'scratch' than with any other fountain pen with a flexible nib. Also, the 'scratchiness' may very well be dependent on the type of paper used.

I consider the Noodler's Konrad Flex to be Noodler's best design and value in a flexible nib fountain pen. This is a pen that offers a quality vintage-type writing experience at a very reasonable price.
Noodler's Konrad Flex Fountain Pen - Californian Tortoise - NOODLERS 14011
  I just received this..., March 21, 2013
I just received this pen from JetPens and I am very pleased with it. Thanks to JetPens for their excellent service!

The translucent color of this Konrad is beautiful, and pen's celluloid body warms as I hold it. I have, previously, used the Noodlers Ahab flex and the Konrad performs in the same manner (the nib and feed are the same). Although the Ahab might hold a bit more ink, I really like the shape and size of the Konrad, and I like the Konrad's excellent piston-filler mechanism. A huge plus for these pens is that they can be disassembled easily, by hand (no tools are required) for cleaning, adjustment, or servicing.

I watched the Noodlers videos on Youtube and cleaned the nib and feed before filling the pen, as suggested. The nib writes like a smooth fine nib with very little pressure. When a bit of pressure is applied, the nib flexes and beautiful line variation can be realized. When I utilize the flexible feature of the nib, I write slowly since the ink flow must keep up with the flexing of the nib. That's fairly normal for most any fountain pen with a flexible nib. I made a minor adjustment of the nib and feed to obtain the best flow in relation to the degree of flex that I desired. The nib may seem scratchy if one attempts to write quickly and flex at the same time. There is a certain amount of scratch that does happen because, after all, the nib tines are being spread apart as the tine points are being dragged across the paper. Again, that type of thing will happen with just about any fountain pen that has a flexible nib. However, if there is a problem with the nib, it is easily replaced.

The Konrad flex fountain pen, at $20, rivals pens costing much more. It does what it's supposed to do, and I salute Noodlers for producing such a pen. I think most fountain pen aficionados will be pleased it.
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