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Reviews Written by red251410

January 11, 2015
I do not feel that the...
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I do not feel that the Ohto blue-black is a watered down blue-black ink. Let me explain. Many inks identified as “blue-black” come in a range of tones, intensities, and colors, within, what is called, 'blue-black,' including inks that are bluer than black or more black than blue.
The blue-black family, if you will, can even include colors that are like Rohrer & Klingner’s verdigris or various versions of blue-gray ink.
I would place the Ohto “blue-black” in the blue-gray branch of the family. Although not as deep or intense as, say, Noodler’s blue-black which is so intense it doesn’t really offer shading possibilities, this Ohto blue-gray ink does offer nice shading possibilities because the blue-gray color is not as saturated or intense as the Noodler’s blue-black. This also means that it will be easier to flush ink residue from a pen.
The Ohto ink is manufactured in Austria, as are some Montblanc inks, and it may, in fact, be the same manufacturing facility.
The Ohto ink flows well, in a pen with a properly adjusted nib and feed, and the shade of blue-gray is certainly a lovely color, with shading possible, making this ink a good choice for someone writing with a medium, broader, or flexible nib. I filled my medium-nibbed S.T. Dupont Fidelio with an Ohto blue-black cartridge and the ink worked well for me.

January 10, 2015
The Swift is well made...
The Swift is well made with excellent fit and finish. The smooth, black metal surface is comfortable and stealthy and the push-button point deployment works flawlessly. I have used this pen for some time and I have had no problems with it or any M66 cartridge (refill) I have tried (black, blue, red and green). I can write fast since the smooth, liquid ink can keep up with my writing, and I have never experienced any skipping. The point of the capless M66 cartridge seems to be 'medium' in width and that is the only issue I have with this Lamy rollerball since, at times, I would prefer to have a finer line--otherwise it's a terrific writing instrument.

January 3, 2015
The non-stick mat works...
Verified Purchase
The non-stick mat works well and definitely prevents getting transfer adhesive on my countertop or desk. Thanks to JetPens for offering such a handy tool!

January 3, 2015
-Consistently excellent...
Verified Purchase
-Consistently excellent transfer adhesive
-Handy size
-Another quality Tombow product
Thank you JetPens!

October 23, 2014
A beautiful blue with...
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A beautiful blue with excellent flow, and nice shading possibilities. Pelikan's Royal Blue bottled ink is a terrific, cost-effective fountain pen ink with very smooth flow. Also, it's easy to clean up: the ink can be quickly and easily flushed from your pen. The price, for 62.5 ml, is very attractive for this high-quality ink. The 4001 series of Pelikan inks have been around for years and have stood the test of time.

October 23, 2014
Excellent & Vintage-like:...
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Excellent & Vintage-like: The bottled ink version of Kaweco's blue-black, "Midnight Blue," ink compares favorably with the cartridge version, having a beautiful vintage appearance. They appear to be identical in color. Not as black as Montblanc's "Midnight Blue" bottled ink (the new, non-iron gall version), Kaweco's "Midnight Blue" is as intense, but it is more blue than black. The flow is excellent, and it has nice shading possibilities. Although I think $19 is a bit high for 30 ml, serious aficionados will want this in their collection of bottled blue-black inks.

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October 16, 2014
The Pilot Elite 95S is...
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The Pilot Elite 95S is a beautifully-made writing instrument with excellent fit and finish. It is very light weight, and it handles nicely when posted. Of course, posting the cap, for most writers, is an important part of the pen's design, but it could certainly function nicely un-posted, for someone with small hands.
Please note that the Japanese packaged version offered by Jet Pens does not include a converter. I believe the version specifically marketed for the USA--sold elsewhere--does include a CON-20 converter. I tried to install a CON-50 converter, but it did not fit the Elite. It seems that only a CON-20 aerometric converter will work in this model and it must be pushed in firmly, in order to secure it.
The Elite's fine 14K gold nib produces a moderately wet, crisp line, but it is not as fine as the fine point nib of my Pilot Capless or Vanishing Point pens--or even the fine nib of a Pilot 78G. One may have to choose the extra-fine nib for the Elite to obtain an extremely fine line.
I really like the Pilot Elite 95S and highly recommend it.

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June 17, 2014
Excellent fit & finish...
Verified Purchase
Excellent fit & finish for such a price!

The fine nib is more like a Western extra-fine. It's sharp but smooth. I filled the pen with Noodler's Ellis Island blue black and it wrote well right out of the box. After some writing, I decided I wanted a wetter flow and adjustment was simple. The nib and feed are friction-fit, they pulled out easily, and I used .001 and .002 brass shims to open the space between the tines just a little. The nib and feed fit back in place in the section smoothly, and the ink flow was perfect for me after that minor adjustment.
All Metropolitan fountain pens have exactly the same black grip section that holds the nib and feed. The nib and feed are similar to the nib and feed of the Pilot 78G, but the Metropolitan's brass barrel and cap are much sturdier and durable. The cap goes on the barrel with a positive, firm-fitting, secure snap, and it doesn't rotate around like on my more expensive Lamy Studio. Also, if one desires, the Metropolitan's cap can be firmly posted on the barrel.

The Pilot Metropolitan, at the price, is an amazing, excellent value. Thanks to JetPens for offering this fine writing instrument!

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June 16, 2014
Excellent value, fit...
Verified Purchase
Excellent value, fit & finish for the money.
For some time, I‘ve thought the Pilot 78G was the best deal in an inexpensive fountain pen with a Japanese fine nib, but that has now changed with the Pilot Metropolitan. Although the nib is essentially the same as that on the slightly less-expensive 78G, the Metropolitan cap and barrel are nicer and heftier since they are made of brass.
The fine Japanese nib is more like a Western extra-fine nib.
The taupe and lizard version is very nice looking and, filled with Noodler’s black ink, the pen wrote well right out of the box. However, I also purchased the all-black version and I did make a slight adjustment to its nib. I opened up the tines a little to increase the flow since it was too dry for me (I used thin, .001 and .002 brass shims purchased at Ace Hardware). The nib and feed are friction fit—like the 78G nib and feed—and can easily be pulled out for adjustment or thorough cleaning.
Thanks again to JetPens for offering such a terrific product and for their continued excellent service.

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May 12, 2014
The 1.1 mm nib adds an...
Verified Purchase
The 1.1 mm nib adds an extra dimension to my writing and is a terrific accessory for my Kaweco Sport fountain pen. Although the nib is un-plated steel and doesn't match the gold-plated trim of my black Sport pen, the 1.1 mm nib unit and section threaded onto the barrel correctly and the black plastic section matched the barrel..

I first tried the 1.1 mm nib with a Diamine blue-black cartridge and ink flow started in seconds, the nib was smooth, and the flow was wet. Perfect!

If you wanted to use this nib unit with another color Kaweco Sport, the nib and feed can be pulled out of the black, threaded section fairly easily. The feed and nib are a correct match in size and length for current-production Kaweco Sport fountain pens. A quick check may be accomplished by comparing the bottom of the feeds. If they match, there's a good chance this nib and feed will interchange with the one in your pen. The feeds have a type of registration edge to help align the feed and nib when changing them. Sometimes, a twisting, back and forth motion, while pulling out, helps when removing the nib and feed from a section. A little vegetable-based silicone lubricant on the top, back end of the nib can help when sliding in the nib and feed into the section. Just don't get any lubricant on the feed itself since it can inhibit ink flow.

Thanks to JetPens for providing such a terrific, handy replacement/accessory part.

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