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Great pen for the price....
April 20, 2012
Verified Purchase
Great pen for the price. Even better with the 7401 space mod.

-Buy the ballpoint 701 (2 if allowed) as well as the dual pack of Zebra 402 pens (black fine dual pack is all zebra sells). The all stainless clicker from the 402 fits the 701 perfectly.
-Remove all insides, and put both - body only - in refrigerator for a bit, to cool metal/plastic. Then use a lighter to warm the clicker assembly (you can see the line where assembly of body and clicker meet...heat 2-3" from flame as you rotate along that seam). 20 seconds tops should be fine, then twist with a rag over or let it cool and use hands. The pen clip is free rotating around the assembly which has the threading, so don't rotate the clip thinking its coming off. Try to grip rite on the clicker side of joining seam and rotate, pair of needle nose pliers help if needed just use a pad so you don't scratch metal.
-Replace one assembly for the other, and choose which pocket clip you want (I went with the 402's because it was clean, no branding or markings). Take note that one clicker spring is longer than the other, I tested both in each, all felt the exact same.
-The tips can also be swapped but the 402's doesn't meet the gnurled metal grip cleanly like the stock 701 tip.

-Buy a Fisher PR Series space pen refill of your choosing.
-Remove stock ink, leave the spring (both springs work but I choose to use stock with space pen refill)
-Unscrew tip of 7401, inside is a plastic cone shaped bushing for the ink cartridge's point. You need to remove it for modification to ensure smooth clicking action with space refill. I used a small screwdriver, twisted a little bit with friction, pulled out and the bushing came along for ride. Once out, I trimmed the tip by the width of a toothpick (pressed down on a table with a knife, clean cut). Take this part slow, go little bit at a time because you want smooth fluid action with support. Too little, and point with stick mid action. Too much, would result in possible movement of cartridge point while writing due to lack of point support.
-You can adjust the spring of the clicking action by trimming the spring that supports the ink cartridge. Only trim rings from one side, leave a double ring finished edge. I cut off the double ring from one side, then went down 1 more ring using clippers. When you assemble, always have the finished side of spring down.
-Assemble all the parts

= the 7401, engineered happiness, and my new edc ballpoint.

*pictured tutorials exist on forms/blogs, just google 'zebra 701 mod'. This was just a synthesized textual form with some specifics I did not read in the others.

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