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Reviews Written by derekverbrugge

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Tombow Olno Body Knock Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Pistachio Green - TOMBOW SH-OL67
  I bought this pencil..., September 8, 2014
I bought this pencil for the unusual mechanism, and it was completely worth it. Not only is the mechanism very convenient and entertaining, it is all metal. It was a real surprise to find a brass clutch and shiny metal lead reservoir in this pencil. A metal tip would be nice but unnecessary for comfortable general writing. Sadly, the eraser is made of great stuff, but it's way too small to be useful, but that's my only peeve.
Kokuyo Campus Twin Ring Perforated Memo Pad - A7 - Dotted 6 mm Rule - 40 Sheets - Bundle of 5 - KOKUYO ME-M363BT BUNDLE
  These are excellent...., August 28, 2014
These are excellent. In fact, they are even better than I expected. Only one side of each page is lined, the back side is blank. For a writer this could be bothersome, but I'm an artist and I appreciate the blank space. The paper is white, has good weight, and doesn't bleed easily. The binding is nice sturdy. I really like the looks of these notepads too. They hold up well and wear nicely.
Kokuyo Campus Adhesive-Bound Notebook - A4 - Dotted 6 mm Rule - 40 Sheets - Pack of 5 - KOKUYO NO-201BT BUNDLE
  Excellent notebooks!..., August 28, 2014
Excellent notebooks! The paper is weighted nicely, is very soft, and is very white. It doesn't bleed with the use of a wet gel/roller ball pen. The lines are a nice shade and the dots are subtle. It's great in my many intensive engineering/math classes. The first page is glued in well but everything after that tears out nicely. It's worth every penny.
Rotring 500 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - SANFORD 1852305
  I feel uncomfortable..., August 10, 2014
I feel uncomfortable buying a pencil that costs more than $20 when I intend on really using it. That prevents the Rotring 600 from being an edc option for me. Thankfully, the Rotring 500 exists. Everything that you touch on this pencil is made of metal. The mechanism is metal, and the knurled metal grip is very comfortable and secure. Clicking the Rotring 500's mechanism requires more travel than most other mechanical pencils, but it is solid, feels good, and is very satisfying. Lead is held securely by a 3-jawed brass clutch. The black finish is fantastic and pictures don't do it justice. The clip is sturdy and secure, but removing it makes the pencil look funny. Thankfully, I like having a clip on my pencil. The hexagonal body is wider than the grip, unlike the Pentel Graphgear 500, which keeps the pencil from rolling away. I prefer clicking lead indicators, but the lead indicator on the Rotring 500 is secure and clean looking. It looks great paired with its twin, the Koh-I-Noor Rapidomatic.

One note: The eraser cap pictured has the lead diameter imprinted on it, but the cap on the pencil I received has a hole instead of an imprint. I like both styles of cap, but not everyone feels the same.
Nomadic PE-07 Pouch Design Pencil Case - Khaki Green - NOMADIC EPE 07 KHAKI
  This case is great! I..., June 25, 2014
This case is great! I was worried it would be too subdued and boring for my taste, but every time I go to find a zipper I forget my assumptions. (I will admit I lost it in plain sight once since getting it.) The zippers are a nice grey color. They are durable, quiet, and without any annoying frills. The case itself is a color which will prevent it from getting dirty, and even the orange insides don't attract lead dust easily. It has a total of 4 separations capable of holding pens. 1 of which (the largest which has a zippered grey mesh pouch in the middle of it for pens) is long enough to keep un-sharpened pencils in. Two decent sized loose, but secure mesh pockets are devoted to holding erasers, lead, sharpeners, or whatever else. In person it appears small, but it holds a lot of stuff. It looks and feels like a quality bag, but thanks to it's smart green color I don't fear that anyone will steal it unless they see its awesome orange insides.
Kokuyo C2 Tray Type Pencil Case - Khaki Green + Yellow - KOKUYO F-VBF122-3
  This does exactly what..., June 14, 2014
This does exactly what I wanted it to do. It holds all of my technical pencils and I can grab them without having to dig much. This case has a bright interior which is NOT resistant to pencil lead smudges. If you plan on storing a lot of sharpened pencils, it would be worthwhile to invest in some pencil caps to keep your case looking nice and clean.
Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder for Round Pen Nib - Model 17 - TACHIKAWA T-17
  I own several round pen..., May 28, 2014
I own several round pen nib holders. This is by far the most trustworthy of my pen holders. It is impossible to break, holds nibs securely, and allows for fantastic precision. It is made of a rather hard material that can tire your hands if used for extended amounts of time, and it is very thin which could be a problem for someone with large hands. Nothing can really compare to it though. Wood pen holders are prone to splitting and can lose their firm grip on nibs with extended use as the varnish wears off of them. This pen holder suffers from none of these faults because of it's great design.
Higgins Black Magic Ink - 1 oz Bottle - Black - HIGGINS 44011
  Higgins Black Magic is..., May 28, 2014
Higgins Black Magic is my go to ink at my local art supply store. It's the darkest ink I can find and it really lays out evenly with fountain pens/brushes. I use it exclusively on my 108 lb Paris Bleedproof paper from Borden & Riley (just the right weight to prevent feathering, and smooth enough to preserve all of the fine details in my artwork). I wouldn't recommend it on thinner/printer paper as the other reviewer mentions, but if you are looking for a truly black ink, this is a great start.
Koh-I-Noor Toison D'or Graphite Wooden Pencil - 3H - Pack of 12 - KOH-I-NOOR FA1900.3H
  I love Koh-I-Noor lead...., May 20, 2014
I love Koh-I-Noor lead. The lead in Koh-I-Noors feels pure when it's put down on paper, but It doesn't feel raw like Faber-Castells. It has a familiar, but high quality feel that few pencils can rival. The pencil itself is beautiful, but not too flashy.
Koh-I-Noor Toison D'or Graphite Wooden Pencil - 3H - Pack of 12 - KOH-I-NOOR FA1900.3H
  The lead in these is..., January 26, 2013
The lead in these is fantastic and hasn't broken on me yet. These pencils write very smoothly, but I wouldn't describe them as being waxy or too soft. They, in fact, don't write too dark or light for the grade that they are. They don't smudge much, and they erase well. The wood sharpens perfectly and easily. The pencils have good thick smooth paint making them a pleasure to hold, and they are black so they don't pick up pencil dust and never look old and dirty. The gold letters are thickly and clearly printed. While I like the simple thick printing, it is slightly less precise when compared to my Faber Castell 9000s which have somewhat more intricate designs on them.
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